Major Spoilers staff writer, Kevin Mak is at Toy Fair 2014, and filed this report on what Bandai has in store for all of us.

Bandai is releasing a large array of action figures and toys to concede with new cartoon series launching in 2014. First up is a new Ben 10 series called Ben 10 Omniverse Galactic Monsters, which will premiere on Cartoon Network this Fall 2014. This ten episode series will feature aliens who resemble classic monsters like the Werewolf, Dracula, and the Frankenstein’s monster. Not only will there be a new line of action figures based on the new series, there will be a new Omni-trix that will come out as well. This new toy Omnitrix makes different sounds based on your motion and hand position before you press it. With Ben 10 series approaching its 10 year anniversary in 2015, Cartoon Network is currently working on a new series with the conclusion of Galactic Monsters.

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Bandai is also introducing a limited edition Mighty Morphin Power Rangers toy line exclusively for ToysRUs. Appealing to the young Power Rangers collector, these toys are much more detailed than the usual children’s action figure. A 5” figure line will be sold in limited quantities for each Power Ranger, which will come in a limited edition box from their original 1990s release. There will also be new versions of Titanus and Dragonzord. Each Zord can transform and attach to the Megazord, juct like in the show. Bandai will also debut a new electronic Morpher and a new Dragon Dagger. The Dragon Dagger looks similar the original toy, but with a better quality design it resembles a television show prop rather than a toy for kids. Also, like the original toy, if you hit any of the keys, it plays musical commands used by the Green Ranger.

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Aside from action figures, Bandai will be introducing Sprukits to America. These model kits will allow kids to build their figure and still poseable enough to play with them. Easy to remove from their packaging, each Sprukit is marked with a level to determine the difficulty of assembly. Bandai will be releasing kits for Batman and Superman based on their movie appearances as well as kits for the Halo frachanise.

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Finally, in conjunction with a new series coming out on Nick Toons this Summer/Fall 2014, Bandai will debut Sprukits for LBX (Little Battlers eXperience). An anime series already popular in Japan, Bandai is calling LBX a Gundam show geared for kids. These model robots are easy to assemble and should be a great toy for all ages. Other featured toys at the Bandai America booth are Pac Man, the new Digimon series, the new Power Rangers series and a new release of Tamagochi toys.

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  1. I MUST have that new Dragon Dagger (and the Green/White version of the Legend Morpher).

    Also wouldn’t mind having that Dragonzord toy since it is more show accurate than the old one.

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