The Shadow Masters Series Volume 1 arrives this week


Take the jump for a sneak peek at The Shadow Masters Series Volume 1 trade paperback that arrives in stores this week.

Andy Helfer (w)
Bill Sienkiewicz (a/c)
FC • 176 pages • $24.99 • Teen+
Religion, violence, smooth talking criminals, and the rough city streets—when it comes to the Shadow, this classic late 80’s story arc is incomparable. Corporate greed and cults clash when a religious group that follows the “Light” attempts to get their hands on a mysterious briefcase owned by the formidable businessman of Nissetco, Geng King. Whatever’s in that brief case is a hot commodity—bringing out old and new foes for the Shadow to take down. However, with Inspector Cardona stalking his every move, it’s no easy task for the Shadow to bring justice to a morally corrupt city.
For the first time in decades, the acclaimed 1987 Shadow storyline by industry icons Andy Helfer and Bill Sienkiewicz sees print in a gorgeous collection from Dynamite Entertainment! Beginning with the seminal tale “Shadows and Light,” this first volume of The Shadow Master Series captures the surreal artistry and mystery by one of yesteryear’s finest creative team-ups, a definitive exploration of the macabre Master of Men in six chapters!

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