Savage Dragon #193 sneak peek


Image Comics released a sneak peek of Savage Dragon #193, and sent it to Major Spoilers to share with you.

Writer: Erik Larsen
Artist: Erik Larsen
It’s the ultimate jumping on point for new readers and a bold new beginning as Malcolm Dragon takes over the title role from his famous father.

Malcolm Dragon is not your typical teenager. He lives in an apartment by himself in downtown Chicago, he’s a junior who’s just transferred to a new high school, and he’s trying his best to fill the shoes of his father, the Savage Dragon, fighting the forces of evil in the Windy City! New dangers! New adventures!

Get in on the ground level of a whole new SAVAGE DRAGON!

savage-dragon SavageDragon193-pg1 SavageDragon193-pg2 SavageDragon193-pg3 SavageDragon193-pg4 SavageDragon193-pg5 SavageDragon193-pg6

Savage Dragon #193 has a $3.99 cover price.

via Image Comics