This week, we dive back into the mailbag to see what kind of Poll of the Week suggestions we’ve received. One of our favorite Spoilerites, Silvergray wanted to pitt Martian Manhunter against Mystique, which is a really good pairing, but instead of having them fight to the death, we present a different take on the match up.


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  1. Better *shapeshifter*? the Martian Manhunter of course because he can also alter his density and other things.
    However, I consider Mystique to be a much better *character* than J’onn. The alien-looking shape-shifting thing fits the villain(esque) role better.

  2. I say Manhunter, only because I have seen Mystique shift into nothing aside from another human appearance, at least J’onn has turned into dragons and other types of beasts of destruction along with his general appearance. Though I am not sure of Mystiques full potential, I still think J’onn is the better between the two.

  3. The Martian Manhunter not only can shift into shapes other than humanoid, but is also psychic. Now I know this isn’t a ‘who will win in a fight’ battle, but if we were judging this soley based on their ability to impersonate someone, being psychic would also allow J’onn the ability to read the minds of the people he’s trying to fool and would therefore better be able to present himself as whomever he is attempting to impersonate.

    Mystique, on the other hand, must rely on her knowledge of the person she is planning on impersonate and subsequent acting skills.

  4. I picked Mystique. J’onn might have more versatility in his shape shifting, but Mystique won’t have a panic attack if she is imitating a known smoker, and someone offers her a light.

  5. This is one where you need to look into the historical context here (yes, I’m going to go all Matthew)… J’onn can shift into various objects or devices, and I think Mystic is more about shifting into various people. If I were going to choose the better spy, then Mystic – but that’s not the question. The question is whom is the better shifter – that would imply that they can do more than just change their face, they can change overall size and appearance. So my vote would then have to go to Frobisher… but since he’s not on this list, I guess it’s Martian Man Hunter.

  6. I’m pulling for Mystique.
    Mystique proves to be much savvier, and deadlier operator in her shapeshifting role than J’onn.
    J’onn gets points because of his need to blend into a wholly alien society and trying on different personas in order to relate.
    Mystique gets points for all the mental traumas and issues she has suffered as a result of her shapeshifting nature. Also, she’s a total badass superspy.

  7. Definitely Mystique. While J’onn has the telepathy to help him through, he is more awkward in human culture and interaction. Mystique is not only a master shapeshifter, but a master of social manipulation. J’onn can look the part and fake the part, but Mystique gets deep into the role. She becomes the person.

  8. I vote Martian manhunter!!!!!! He is able to turn “translucent ” allowing objects and people to pass through him. Holla!

    • Which has nothing to do with her shapeshifting ability. I’d agree in a battle J’onn would probably win because of his extra powers, but since the question was about JUST the shapeshifting ability, I’m not sure why that matters.

  9. Based on the shape shifting abilities alone, I still gotta give it to the Manhunter, He can not only alter the shape into different forms, but also the density and transparency of that shape, Mystique is a notorious character, devious and cunning . But you can’t stab someone in the back when the knife can pass right through them.

  10. Mystique for me. She has a really nice firm set of powers that are consistent and allow for good storytelling. Its a nice outfit too ;)

  11. I have to say J’onzz J’onzz. He’s pretty much shape-shifting 24/7. Even the form we see know isn’t his true Martian form – it’s just the form he takes to be more humanoid. Combine that with his psychic and intangibility, and I think he’s a much better shifter than Raven Darkhome.

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