Recently, news came out that Lex Luthor, Superman’s opposite number, will be joining the Justice League, at least for a while.

That’s certainly going to cause friction in that team!

In the last several years, I’ve noticed that Lex has been a favorite among certain writers, and I do see their point. Below, I’m listing the folks and events that I thought show this point clearly. (I know there are other books that make Luthor more “grey,” but these are my favorites.)


When Superman: The Animated Series debuted, one of the stand-out characters was Luthor. Voiced by Clancy Brown, the Bald-Headed One was an interesting foil for the Man of Steel.

Interestingly enough, in that show, and in the two Justice League programs that followed it, Luthor was portrayed as living in a “grey” area, always seeing himself as the “good guy” trying to save Earth from the “alien invasion” Superman represented.

He was trying to save the planet from the aliens by any means necessary, even if it required using methods that would cause others to label him a villain.

Luthor took a tragic twist when, after carrying Kryptonite around for years, he found that it had given him radiation poisoning. That ramped up the urgency for him.

Justice League, Lex Luthor, Superman, Geoff Johns, Bruce Timm, Paul Cornell, Action Comics, The Flash, I found it particularly interesting that, in one of the last few episodes of Justice League Unlimited, the focus was put on Luthor and his band travelling through space. It was intriguing to see an episode in which the heroes were difficult to find.


I don’t know if the series influenced Paul Cornell’s take on Luthor, but before the New 52 debuted, there was a shift in focus for Action Comics, previously a Superman title.

Cornell followed Luthor’s attempts to accomplish his goals and, like Mr. Timm’s version, he often found himself having to choose between being “good” or “bad.” The writer made sure that, every once in a while, Luthor did something despicable so readers were reminded that he hadn’t completely turned into a hero.

What interested me was that, in many shops, Action Comics actually outsold Superman. As one store owner told me, “This is Luthor’s ultimate revenge.”


This pretty much brings us up to current times. The Forever Evil event has been shaking up the status quo in DC, and will continue to do so.

Of course, I remember Mr. Johns scripting The Flash, and how much he enjoyed fleshing out “The Rogues,” the collection of criminals taking on The Fastest Man Alive.

In days past, much like the Justice League, The Rogues were only differentiated by the powers or weapons they had. Johns saw fertile ground there, and expanded each “villain” into a person we could either relate to or at least begin to understand.

I’m getting a sense that Johns wants to do the same kind of thing with Luthor.


One thing in comics today that still bugs me is that these types of changes are really only temporary. Recently I talked about my disdain for Dick Grayson being Batman and Steve Rogers being “dead.”

Will Luthor be in or lead the Justice League for long? I doubt it. But with Superman currently out of the picture, it’ll leave a power vacuum that Luthor would love to fill!

As a big fan of Mr. Johns, I’m looking forward to his take on this, hoping it will reveal things about the various “heroes” we haven’t experienced before. And Luthor, too.

My guess about what might happen moving forward is that Luthor will lead up his own group who, like him, will move back and forth between the good guys and the bad guys. But we’ll see.

Still, Forever Evil is turning into one of my favorite comics events ever! And I trust Mr. Johns enough to stick with him while Luthor and the Justice League follow the same path, even if this takes place only for a while!


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