This week, Loki: Ragnarok and Roll #1 arrives in stores, and Major Spoilers has your sneak peek.

Loki: Ragnarok and Roll #1
Writer(s): Eric M. Esquivel
Artist(s): Jerry Gaylord

WHY WE LOVE IT: Up-and-coming writer Eric Esquivel first caught our attention with Thor: The Unkillable Thunder Christ, and wowed us with his work on FREELANCERS. When he told us he wanted to bring those sensibilities to the trickster god Loki, we had to say “Yes!” Pairing him with FANBOYS VS ZOMBIES artist Jerry Gaylord sealed the deal.

WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: Loki steps out of the shadow cast by his thunderous brother as Norse mythology crosses over with the only thing on Earth as wild and crazy…rock and roll!

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: What happens when Odin banishes Loki to Earth? He finds a world of outcasts that appreciate his style! While his kin sharpen their weapons, he picks up an electric guitar.

Loki_Ragnarok_and_Roll_001_rev-1 Loki_Ragnarok_and_Roll_001_rev-2 Loki_Ragnarok_and_Roll_001_rev-3 Loki_Ragnarok_and_Roll_001_rev-4 Loki_Ragnarok_and_Roll_001_rev-5 Loki_Ragnarok_and_Roll_001_rev-6 Loki_Ragnarok_and_Roll_001_rev-7 Loki_Ragnarok_and_Roll_001_rev-8

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