Sideshow Collectibles have already released the two male figures of the DC Trinity, and they have now completed the trio with the announcement of a Wonder Woman Premium Format Figure.  Fans of Princess Diana are not going to want to miss this one.

Standing over two feet tall, Diana carries a weapon in both hands and her shield strapped to her arm looking as if she just took down multiple enemies threatening the Amazons’ way of life. As for those weapons and shield, from the pictures it seems as if only the shield can be removed due to it not consistently appearing in the product photos.

Steven Schumacher sculpted this piece with multiple designers from Sideshow working together to show Wonder Woman in that dominating pose.


With the previous Batman and Superman figures, the costumes were made with a spandex like material that owners were able to pinch together, which gave it more of a like-like quality. Slideshow Collectibles didn’t go into costume materials in their announcement, but I hope they continue the theme and give Wonder Woman and leather like material for her outfit.

Make sure to reinforce those Nerd Room of Doom shelving before this figure arrives because it weighs 15 lbs, and if you combine Wonder Woman with her counterparts of Batman and Superman you are looking at a heavy load for a normal shelve.

You can currently preorder Wonder Woman for the price of $399.99 and she is expected to ship in December 2014.

via Sideshow Collectibles



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