Among the many, MANY questionable announcements to generate nerd-rage since the relaunch of the New 52 in 2011, the one that most chafed me was DC editorial’s insistence that none of their heroes was married, for some nebulous reason that never held water.  Yes, marrying off characters changes their status quo, but given that the entire point of the launch/boot/vamp was to change the status quo, the announcement seems suspect.  Of course, comics have long had problems with the m-word (because happy couples can be dramatically inert), but given that Barry Allen, Arthur Curry and that one guy with the red cape were all married for decades, I had hoped for better.  As always, though, even if the creators annoy us as readers, it provides grist for discussion, begging today’s query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) knows that the train has already sailed, but will always quietly root for Ted & Victoria, asking: What two fictional characters do you most believe should be or should have stayed married?


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  1. Peter and Mary Jane should be married. I always wanted Vance and Angelica (from The New Warriors) to be a married couple. And DC-wise, I really like Kyle Rayner better when he has a partner.

  2. Ralph & Sue Dibny never really stopped being married so, I’m going to go with Mister Miracle & Big Barda. Always loved those two interactions during JLI.

  3. I agree with Robbie. Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. Peter’s mundane life has always been a part of what made Spider-man interesting. Now most of his adult life has been retconned. Not the worst retcon I’ve seen, storywise, but one of the most disappointing.

  4. Definitely Peter and Mary Jane. The one thing he had right in his personal life. On the DC side, Green Arrow and Black Canary. Always liked them as a couple.

  5. I think Ollie and Dinah should’ve stayed married always enjoyed that pairing and their duet in the Music Meister episode gets me every time. I’ve only seen the Dibny’s in Starman really enjoyed them in it though.
    I’ll put my vote in for Scott and Jean. Scott should never have gotten together with Emma Frost or at least waited till Jean died. This is all based on the animated series though didn’t start reading X-men till Messiah Complex.

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