After many of you pointed out what Zach was missing, he is back to continue the adventure with Lee on the dairy farm! What is behind the locked barn door? When will dinner be ready? Will Larry’s nose ever get smaller?! All those questions answer and more this time on Zach Plays The Walking Dead!

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  1. Frederick aka Darth Macho on

    I don’t know what’s worse, that I’m a 43yo man that still plays video games, or that I’ve now spent a hours online watching Zach play them? Thanks for the entertainment, Zach and Major Spoilers!

  2. Ain’t that the truth tho Frederick? here I am hitting 40, play more games than ever and cannot get enough of watching Zach go through the games I did, and introduce me to great games like Papers Please. What does that say about me? No clue, but it makes me very happy. Thank you Zach and Major Spoilers :-)

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