All New Soulfire #3 preview


Aspen Comics sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of All New Soulfire #3 by JT Krul and V. Ken Marion, that you can check out, after the jump.

JT Krul ­ Story / V. Ken Marion ­ Art / Erick Arciniega- Colors

As Grace continues to experience magic anew in Paris thanks to Vanyss, things between PJ and Alori heat up–this time outside of the arena‹and the results could be just as dangerous for both of them. Meanwhile, Malikai drags a reluctant Sonia back to the people of Gabriel¹s Voice, but she might not have to worry about them treating Malikai like a messiah, because they seem to have found someone else to worship instead!

Join veteran Soulfire scribe JT Krul, along with the amazing artistic talents of V. Ken Marion and Kyle Ritter, as an all-new direction for Michael Turner’s fantasy epic Soulfire continues!

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ALL NEW SOULFIRE #3 is in stores now.

via Aspen Comics