With the 2014 Winter Olympics in full swing, I find myself once again amazed at the feats of strength, agility and overall rubberiness exemplified by the athletes.  As a man who occasionally has trouble getting into compact cars (especially the ones with the automatic seatbelt device designed to choke you out like Kurt Angle with a grudge), I occasionally find myself thinking how nice it might be to do the flippity floppity stuff on the uneven ring bars (or words that make sense in a sports context.)  Then again, I might also like being able to leap over ring ropes like Sin Cara or swinging across the skyline like the Amazing Spider-Man, which in turn begs today’s query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) even thinks it might be cool to be as flexible as Melina Perez, though her signature splits look extremely painful, asking: If you could have the (purely physical) athletic abilities of any single person, who would you choose and why?


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  1. I would have to go with Jet Li. Speed and agility, grace and power, strength and flexibility all together a total package. As a child he used to beat grown men in wushu competitions. They had to cut a scene from “The One” because his unedited hands were moving so fast, test audiences thought he was C.G.!!!

  2. Since I was a kid I wished I had Beast’s prehensile feet, from that old X-Men cartoon, so I could read a book while hanging from a pull up bar.

  3. I’d take the athletic ability of any top level Olympic Handball goalkeeper. Because then I wouldn’t suck at it as badly as I do.

  4. If I can go with fictional characters, I’d like Spider-Man’s athletic abilities and reflexes (Yes, I know his strength, ability to cling to walls and Spidey Sense aren’t part of the deal).

    If someone real, then Jet Li.

    I have two reasons for these choices:
    1) Enhanced athletic ability and reflexes has been a common theme of a few of my superheroes based on myself since I was a kid. It just seemed to feel like it was more plausible than gaining invulnerability or flight, particularly since the skills were a result of experimental treatments
    2) With that kind of skill, I would have a much better chance of fulfilling my dream of becoming a Super Sentai character (preferably an extra Ranger or hero, but I’ll settle with an incredibly cute evil demon/alien/cyborg).

  5. Bruce Lee. The man was a physical beast. He pushed his body to extremes that people often a hard time believing. He even got up and recovered his beastly physical finesse after suffering a broken back, though reportedly not quite as well as before, but still… -broken spine-. There was serious doubt he would walk again. But just having that level of energy would be nice.

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