Sneak peek Subatomic Party Girls #3


Subatomic Party Girls #3 arrives today, and you can check out a sneak peek, after the jump.

Subatomic Party Girls #3
Writer: Chad Bowers, Chris Sims
Art: Erica Henderson
Letterer: Erica Henderson
Price: $.99
Pages: 21
Rating: 12+

Tonight there’s gonna be a jailbreak — somewhere on the far side of the universe! The evil Boss Drixly has Beryllium Steel right where he wants them, trapped in his mind-shattering Memory Maze, but don’t count the girls out yet! There’s one possibility of escape, but who (or what)… is the Gregasus? Find out in “BREAKOUT!”

Subatomic_Party_Girls_03-1 Subatomic_Party_Girls_03-2 Subatomic_Party_Girls_03-3 Subatomic_Party_Girls_03-4 Subatomic_Party_Girls_03-5

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