Get a sneak peek of Adventure Time Volume 4 right now


Want to get an early look at Adventure Time Volume 4 before it hits the comic book store? You know what to do (HINT: Take the jump)>

Adventure Time Vol. 4
Writer: Ryan North
Artist(s): Braden Lamb, Mike Holmes, Shelli Paroline

The back-up stories featured at the end of each of the single issues are not included in this collection. What time is it? Adventure Time!

After a nice battle of ice and saving princess, Finn and Jake discover a series of dungeons just ready for exploring! It’s a fun time with pals and…the Ice King?! Collecting the latest arc of the fan-favorite series with loads of extra materials in this beautiful trade!

AdventureTime_V4_rev_1 AdventureTime_V4_rev_2 AdventureTime_V4_rev_3 AdventureTime_V4_rev_4 AdventureTime_V4_rev_5 AdventureTime_V4_rev_6 AdventureTime_V4_rev_7 AdventureTime_V4_rev_8 AdventureTime_V4_rev_9 AdventureTime_V4_rev_10 AdventureTime_V4_rev_11 AdventureTime_V4_rev_12 AdventureTime_V4_rev_13 AdventureTime_V4_rev_14 AdventureTime_V4_rev_15 AdventureTime_V4_rev_16 AdventureTime_V4_rev_17

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