The X-Mansion LEGO set you need to see


LEGO CUUSOO might be one the best ideas LEGO has had as it gives the highly creative brick building community a place to show off their own custom creations, with the added bonus that it might actually turn in to a purchasable set. Last year we saw the “Assault of Wayne Manor” project receive the green-light from LEGO and become a set, now those same creators are back with a X-Mansion design that needs to happen.

CUUSOO members DarthKy and Glenbricker were the minds behind the highly detailed Assault on Wayne Manor set that was so popular upon its release, but apparently that was a tiny step towards this huge X-Mansion set. The proposed design is a LEGO modular set that the creators say takes up a relativly small amount of space when completely closed, but that by opening the back parts set owners will be able see the X-Mansion with the wings out to either side of the main building.

The four levels of their set are broken down as follows:

  • Cerebro / Danger Room Observation Deck
  • The Danger Room
  • Situation/Computer Room
  • First floor Staircase
  • Main Lobby
  • Laboratory/Medical Bay
  • Second Story Staircase
  • Classroom
  • Headmaster’s Office
  • Top Story Staircase
  • Storm’s Attic Garden
  • Dorm Room


And what about characters? Well, in their design images there are 45 X-Men character minifigs shown, but even they realize that will never happen. In what must have been a hard list to cut down, they lay out the characters they would like to see included when this set is purchased: Xavier, Beast, Shadowcat, Gambit, Mystique.

It is also stated on the page that “it would be hard to image the X-mansion without” either Storm or Cyclops, but it has been announced that LEGO is already in the process of creating those characters, so don’t think it would be necessary to included them, same goes for Wolverine.

I like that they would like to see a few a the fewer less mainstream characters included with their set, but more than likely LEGO and Marvel would look to include their most popular characters like Wolverine, Cyclops, Magneto, Xavier, Storm, and I could also see Beast being thrown in as well.

What would be great for both collectors and LEGO would be to sell the “more obscure” characters and separate packs so that fans could have the characters they want, while LEGO makes a bit more money to put out bonus content.

This set looks amazing! It is highly detailed and doesn’t skip on the rooms X-Men fans will want to see if this set could one day be theirs. On the project page I didn’t see a brick count for this creation but I can only imagine that it would be one of the larger sets LEGO would offer, if they sold it in this form.

If you would like to show your support for this project so that it can be officially reviewed by LEGO make sure to head over to the CUUSOO page and press the big green “Support” button!