Major Spoilers Question Of The Day: Favorite Alternate Costume Edition


Yesterday was a snow day at Stately Spoilers Manor East, which meant that I spent a portion of my day perusing superhero uniforms on the internet in order to keep my sanity while Widget and her pet tiger ran roughshod all over my house.  While researching Gal Gadot, I found myself running into a number of different variations on Wonder Woman’s look, including the much-maligned uniform from J. Michael Straczyinski’s otherwise terrible pre-New 52 run on WW.  Though unfortunately paired with a featureless leather jacket (a 90s touch that’s the kiss of death for many super-suits), it nonetheless has a lot of good points, offers more protection and yet remains easily identifiable as Wonder Woman at a glance.  With the exception of her white catsuit from 1970, it may be my favorite Wonder Woman uniform that doesn’t involve star-spangled bloomers.  My judgement is seldom universally shared, though, as I quite appreciate Superman’s post-resurrection look (black leotard, mullet and silver ‘S’ shield) as well as Ben Reilly’s variation on the Spider-Man suit, which in turn brings up a query for all the Faithful Spoilerites…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has long spoken of my love for the Silver Centurion Iron Man uniform, but loves Steve Rogers’ black “The Captain” costume, asking: What’s your favorite *alternate* costume for an iconic superhero or villain?