RoboCop: Last Stand #7


Frank Miller’s new RoboCop story continues this week with RoboCop: Last Stand #7. Take the jump for a sneak peek!

RoboCop: Last Stand #7
Writer(s): Frank Miller, Steven Grant
Artist(s): Declan Shalvey, Korkut Öztekin

The RoboCop of old Detroit is gone. In his place stands the last hope for this dying city. With an army of Otomo unleashed, he may not survive the night. While the battle of Detroit rages, Faxx must come face to face with Marie’s legacy.

Robocop_Last_Stand_007_rev_Page_1 Robocop_Last_Stand_007_rev_Page_2 Robocop_Last_Stand_007_rev_Page_3 Robocop_Last_Stand_007_rev_Page_4 Robocop_Last_Stand_007_rev_Page_5 Robocop_Last_Stand_007_rev_Page_6 Robocop_Last_Stand_007_rev_Page_7

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