“Rebels” may be in the name of the show but up to this point we have mainly seen images depicting the Empire. The latest bit of promotional material is another piece of Empire propaganda depicting the new villain being introduced into Star Wars lore, The Inquisitor.

This week, 2500 individuals from all over the world will be sent a special package from Lucasfilm containing six limited edition cards depicting the world of Star Wars Rebels. Amy Beth Christenson, who works for Lucasfilm Animation on Star Wars Rebels, did the art for the exclusive cards, which are done in the same propaganda poster style that we have seen in previous posters.

REB_IA_1208_WMvia IGN



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  1. I really don’t like this new bad guy. This show is going to not have hardly any characters from the films besides storm troopers and Darth Vader so why make a new guy when we have a perfectly good villain that is basically the most iconic villain ever.

    Besides the fact that he was never heard of before (even though he seems to have his face on a poster…) his lightsaber is stupid and would require half his concentration just to avoid lopping off his own legs. And why is it every second rate dark jedi need to be bald, wear tattoos and dual wield ? There must be 900 number where you can order them.

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