Munchkin is a dedicated deck card game by Steve Jackson Games, written by Steve Jackson and illustrated by John Kovalic, that has a humorous take on role-playing games.

This week on Munchkin Land, we are building a Critical Hit 15-card expansion set to be used with Munchkin. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Use the comment section below, and let’s make this happen.

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The material presented here is my original creation, intended for use with the Munchkin system from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.

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  1. I took my inspiration from season one.

    1) Critical Hit (Curse: You Are Dead)
    2) Listener Mail (Curse: Lose a Level)
    3) Rob Touches Your Dice (Curse: Lose Your Highest Bonus Item)
    4) You Are On Fire (Curse: Lose Your Armor)
    5) Objects on the Battle Map May Appear Larger Than They Are (-5 to Monster)
    6) Objects on the Battle Map May Appear Smaller Than They Are (+5 to Monster)
    7) Lizard Monkeys (Level 1d6; 2 Treasures)
    8) Ninjers! (Level 2d6; 3 Treasures)
    9) Rodrigo (Level 25; 5 Treasures; You cannot Run Away)

    1 & 2) Multiclass (Cheat)
    3) “I Don’t Know What You’re Talking About” (+10; Useable Only Once)
    4) Fey Step (Run Away without Rolling)
    5) Funnel Cake (+10; Useable Only Once)
    6) Infusion (+10; Useable Only Once)

  2. Treasures:

    Assistant – +2 Bonus
    Special: Assistant will allow you to switch out weapons in combat (provided you have enough hands to hold the new armaments!)

    Uhhh… I hit him in the FACE – +5 bonus to either side, usable only once. Bonus is doubled if used to aid an Orc munchkin, or if used on any Orcish monster.

    Flaming Sphere – +1 Bonus, counts as a fire/flame attack.

    Blackened Whip – +3 Bonus, 1H weapon.
    Special: Bonus doubles whenever weapon is wielded by the munchkin whenever they help someone in combat or are themselves aided in combat. Friendship is awesome!

    Intense Stare – +1 Bonus, +3 if munchkin is an Elf.

    Rodrigo Ex Machina – The DM has had enough of your foolishness and incessant references! The current combat is ended, and any levels and treasures you would have gained are lost. Seriously though, you had your one…

    Doors coming shortly.

  3. Doors:

    Level 12 – Exploding Skeletons

    Before combat begins, discard a 1H weapon. It’s okay, you can replace that arm with a cooler one later!

    Bad Stuff: Lose your next turn as you ponder your mortality for an entire episode.

    Level 2 – Lizardmonkeys!

    They’re more vicious than they appear! The player to your right rolls a d6 and adds that number to their total level.

    Bad stuff: Horrible gnashy teeth and vicious claws! Discard your armor, now ruined by the little moon menaces.

    Trap! Lose all your class!

    Discard any and all class cards, including any Super Munchkin cards (and similar multiclass cards). If you currently have no class(es), this has no effect.

    This also has no effect on Rob, for obvious reasons. (<3)

    I'll stop now so others can get a turn. :D

  4. Here’s my set. It’s a little overpowered, but so is the awesomeness of Critical Hit :)
    I tried to take a little bit from each season and have something flavoured from each of the party characters.

    1) Sidekick: The Queen’s Rebellious Daughter
    +4 Sidekick.
    Special Effect: At the end of a combat involving Queenie, roll a die. On a 1-2, Queenie leaves you for her next adventure.

    2) Sidekick: Poke
    +1 Sidekick.
    Special Effect If you fail to Run Away from a combat, Poke grants you a second chance.

    3) Curse: Brian touched your dice!
    Effect: The next time you must roll a die, the result is automatically a 1. (this can be modified by a Loaded Die)

    4) Curse: Matthew touched your dice
    Effect: The next time you must roll a die, the result is automatically a 6. (this can be modified by a Loaded Die)

    5) Curse: Fey Chaos Storm
    Effect: Lose your Turn and the turn order is reversed until the start of your next turn.

    6) Monster: Ninjers!
    Level: Roll 2 die and add the result
    Treasures: 2
    Bad Stuff: Shuriken Attack! Roll a die and lose that many levels

    7) Monster: She Who Slumbers in Agony
    Special: Undead
    Special: Will not pursue Munchkins of level 4 or less
    Level: 25
    Treasures: 3
    Bad Stuff: Obliterating Gaze. Your character is erased from existence (just as you were getting awesome.) You are dead. All your cards including classes, races, equipment and hand are discarded outright.

    8) Monster: Spud
    Special: Reality Storm. Roll a die: If the result is a 1-2, Spud summons the top monster from the discard deck to aid him in combat AND repeat the effect.
    Special: Will nor pursue Munchkins of level 4 or less.
    Level: 30
    Treasures: 4
    Bad Stuff: Spud rewrites your reality! Lose 2 levels, lose your race and switch your gender.

    1) Step of Morning Mist
    Effect: Automatically run away from a single opponent. Grants +1 to run away for the rest of your turn.

    2) Team High Five
    Effect: +4 to either side and an additional +1 for each creature on that side.
    This item is useable only once.

    3) Gambler’s Coat
    +2 armour
    Special: This may be worn on top of other armour. If you lose your armour due to a curse, this item is also discarded
    Effect: On a failed Run Away, roll a die. If the result is a 6, Run Away automatically. If the result is 2-5, no effect. If the result is a 1, suffer the resulting Bad Stuff Twice!
    Value: 300

    4) Power God!
    You are infused by the power of Corellon. Go up a Level!

    5) Elven Friendship Bracelet
    +2 item
    Special: If you help or are helped by an Elf in combat, gain +2
    Value: 300

    6) “Magic Sword”
    +4 one-handed weapon
    Special: If you help or are helped in a combat, roll a die. On a result of 1-2 the sword becomes a -4 weapon for the remainder of the combat. Kill your friends!
    Value: 400

    7) Critical Hit!
    Your choice: +6 to either side (useable only once) or Go Up a Level! (This can be the winning level)

  5. I think a great point in the story for the game to be set is IN SPACE! The exilarchy takes the party as well as themselves, elves and diamondthronedians to the moon, so the munchkins are part of that group. I wish I could think of cards, but I’m to mindboggled by russel catt’s Spud. That would be fun

  6. Curse
    Where’s my statue?
    You are haunted by the ghost of a fallen ally if anyone has died this game they can automatically call on you for aid without giving you treasure equal to the number of deaths.

    Static interference
    You didn’t hear what the GM said roll a die if 6 get +5 otherwise get -3 for the next combat.

    Where did that airship come from?
    Play when loosing a combat automatically escape and get one treasure but no experience.

    Gamblers luck
    Re-roll any dice if you succeed then continue as normal if you fail a second time loose a level.

    Another characters shoes
    if you have a second race/class card in your hand you may chose to replace the positive or negative aspect of your current race/class with this one.

    Monster enhancer
    Return of the…
    You have fought this monster before but it’s stronger now +3 to monster, should have killed it when you had the chance.

    Door Card
    Growing pains
    Oh my god is that a dagger growing out your shoulder.
    Draw cards from the treasure deck until you get a piece of equipment a player can use hand the equipment to the lowest level player who can use that equipment, you suffer a negative -2 for two rounds.

    Cog Prosthetic
    Permanently replace one of your equipment slots with this item it functions the same as a piece of equipment but can never be removed. You cannot use any other equipment with this slot for the remainder of the game, any items in this slot are destroyed and removed from play.

    Welcome to the table
    The newest player in the group gains a level, if everyone has been playing for the same amount of time then the last person to sit at the table gets the level.

  7. This is the best I can managed with a sleep-deprived mind…


    1. Curse, How the other half lived. “My god! I know what you’re doing!”
    Effect: If played by a player on another, the two switch all cards in play (class, items, sidekick, all of it!). If cursed by breaking down a door, switch cards with the player sitting opposite you.

    2. Monster, Skill Challenges. “I’ll allow that.”
    Lvl equal to initial player challenged +1d6.
    Cannot run away.
    2 treasures
    Bad stuff: You lose a level.

    3. Curse, Cathartic Death. “Giant. Freaking. Statue.”
    Effect: Player dies, but everyone else alive loses a level to mourn said player.

    4. Description of Bodily Horrors. “What’s wrong with you?!”
    +5 to monsters. +8 against orcs/half-orcs
    In addition, if players fail to delete monster, they are disgusted and lose their next turn.

    5. Curse, Fluid Time. “They are consigned to shadow.”
    Lose your armour. Hope you know how to do open heart surgery on yourself.

    6. Kobold Alley. “Where did Ket go?”
    Effect: Forbids player from helping when played.

    7. Pods of Casting. “I suggest listening to them as you are about to sleep.”
    -5 to monsters.

    8. Monster, the Hogba. “How much time has passed?”
    Level 15. 3 treasures.
    Bad stuff: You lose a level. In addition, your sidekick, if you have any, dies of despair.

    May be used on either monsters or players. It makes them disappear. You collect no treasure, however.


    1. Egg, “You are strangely attached to this egg. Magically, that is, not maternally.”
    +3 to level. If you lose the item, you lose a level.

    2. Self-grown item. “What’s growing out of me this time?”
    Roll a 1d6 at the beginning of each your turn. If you roll a 6, you may apply a +1 bonus on a item you currently have in play. You cannot apply the bonus more than once on the same item.

    3. Winged Triskelion. “Mmmm….Minty!”
    You cause utter confusion and chaos for everyone else. Go up a level while everyone’s confused!

    4. Juicy Organ. “You know what doesn’t come off? BEING DEAD.”
    +3 head item.

    5. Onyx Dog. “Do you think that the party has recently come in possession of a dog?”
    +2 sidekick.

    Things I considered adding, with no details…
    1. Magic puke marbles. Treasure.
    2. Torq-shaped opening. Escape item.
    3. Giggles. Everyone lose a level.

    …And…I’ll leave stuff so other people can have a go…

  8. Orems Sword and Magic Helmet- +5 to munchkin takes up 1 hand and head gear slot
    Rotary Battle Axe- +3 When in combat you can roll a D6 on a 6 you get a +4 on a 1 you get a -4 (cuse Torq gets crit on as much as he crits)
    Gargle Blargle Marbles- When you put G.B.M in play put 3 residuum marble tokens on it each one can be sacrificed to give either side of the combat a +2

    Thats all I got fer now :)

  9. Door Cards:
    1. Curse: Critical Failure!
    Flavor text: “You let Brian touch your dice”
    Effect: The next dice roll you make automatically has the worst outcome

    2. Curse: Failed skill check
    Flavor text: “History doesn’t work that way!”
    Effect: Lose a level

    3. Minion: Poke The Hedgehog
    Flavor text: #dontkillpoke
    Effect: Her cuteness is her weapon! Also, she’s spikey. +3 to combat

    4. Monster: Flappy Faces level 14
    Treasure: 2
    Flavor text: “EW EW EW EW EW”
    special: +3 against orcs or warriors
    Bad Stuff: They yell too loud! Lose your heagear!

    5-9. Monster: Lizard Monkey lvl 2
    Treasure: 1
    Flavor Text: “Om nom nom”
    Bad Stuff: They eat your stuff! Lose an item (player’s choice)
    Special: Players may add additional Lizard Monkey cards at any time without a wondering monster card.
    For each additional Lizard Monkey in combat, their levels go up by one.

    Example: If there are 3 lizard monkeys in the fight, their levels have gone up by +3 each, making the total value for the monster side (assuming no other modifiers) a 15.

    1. Pods of Casting
    Flavor text: “I have created these pods…”
    Usable once only
    The monster falls asleep! You win its treasure but do not gain a level.

    2. Rotary Axe +4 (+6 if both Warrior AND Orc)
    2 hand
    Usable by orcs or warriors only

    3. Primal Tattoo +4 (+6 if both Elf AND ranger)
    This is an armor slot item that can be attached to any other armor slot item. If the armor is lost so is this card
    Usable by elfs or rangers only.

    4. Battlefist +4 (+6 if both human AND alchemist)
    1 hand
    Usable by human or alchemists only

    5. Gambler Jacket +4 (+6 if human AND hell knight)
    armor slot (worn over hell armor)
    usable by humans or hell knights only
    special: At the beginning of a combat you can roll a die. If it is odd, add it to your combat total, if it is even, subtract it.

    6. A reference made Rodrigo laugh!
    flavor text: “You’ve done the impossible!”
    Effect: go up a level!
    Special: This can be the winning level

  10. Door cards:

    1) Candlehead Lvl 13

    Wow, that is disturbing. So gross, it even bothers orcs! +5 vs orcs.
    Bad stuff: Lose a level, and an item of your choice. 3 treasures.

    2) Moon Dragon Lvl 20

    +5 for anyone not fully equipped (ie. headgear, footgear, armor and a weapon.) Explodey! Everyone involved in combat or who uses a card to influence combat loses a level. Bad stuff: You are dead, and all munchkins (including you!) lose a level. Will not persue anyone under level 5. 3 levels, 6 treasure.

    3) Curse! Installing upgrages…
    Go through the discard pile and take any weapon or armor from it. If you already have an armor or weapon, this replaces them.

    4) Curse! The other third…
    On your next combat, use the levels and equipment of the munchkin to your left to determine your combat score. You may also use any of their visible, face up cards, such as potions.

    5)…With Too Many Eyes and a Flappy Face
    +10 to level of monster. If more than one monster is in combat, applies to all monsters.

    6) Your Dead Aunt (…uuuh name escapes me. Tillie?)
    You see her whenever you die. Then she brings you back. You are immune from one death.

    Treasure cards

    1) +1 Flaming Sword of Killing Your Friends
    Is actually a +3 bonus. 1 Handed. Counts as a fire/flame attack. You cannot help other munchkins in combat while using this sword. Nothing is preventing you from putting it in your pack and forgetting it for a year or two, though. “Kill your friends!” 700 gold.

    2) Flaming Throwing Hammer
    +3, 1 handed. Can be thrown as a potion, giving +3 to either side. If thrown, roll a die. On a 6, it returns to your hand, on a 1, it passes to the munchkin on your left. Otherwise, discard it. 700 gold.

    3) Encoggled Crossbow
    +4, 1 handed. Can give +3 to the munchkin side one time in a battle you are not involved in. Roll a die. On a one, you may use it again in the same battle. 1000 gold.

    That’s all I’ve got for now…

    • I’m sorry, I can’t resist the urge to flavor text your cards:

      Candlehead: “Somebody had one of the Charlie Brown candles when they were a kid…”

      Moon Dargon: “We had to avoid copyright issues…”

      Installing Upgrades…: “We’re going after a powerful magic artifact that we don’t know what it does, and now your primary weapon is doing something we don’t know about? Have at thee!”

      The Other Third…: “No! Not everybody can have face tattoos!”

      …With Too Many Eyes and a Flappy Face: “I’ll give you a dollar not to describe those things again!”

      Your Dead Aunt (…uuuh name escapes me. Tillie?): “I was dead for a while…”

      +1 Flaming Sword of Killing Your Friends: “It’s written a book titled ‘Killing Your Friends, and How Not to Not.'”

      Flaming Throwing Hammer: “What’s ‘IGNITE’ mean?”

      Encoggled Crossbow: “The standard weapon for Artificers and robots alike.”

  11. Please forgive any duplication as I have not gone through all the prior comments:

    1. Door: Level 20 Lord of the Feywild
    Bad Stuff: lose your hand items
    Flavor Text: He is cute! He is cuddly! He is your new gnomish overlord

    2. Door: Level 15 The Thing That Shatters the Sky.
    Bad Stuff: You are dead. If you are Smith you automatically die because (spoilers).

    3. Door: Level 10 Affable Cultists Brothers Olaf and Pine
    Bad Stuff: they kill you with kindness
    Flavor Text: “asmodeus, azmoDAEUS, AZMODAEUS! asmodeus, azmoDAEUS, AZMODAEUS!”

    4. Door: Level 1: Lizard Monkey
    Stacks like zombies and sharks
    Bad Stuff: you are dead and lizard monkey chow.

    5. Door: Smith
    Magical multicolored organic fountain: If you are the lowest level you will burp to the ninth power and generate 300 gold
    Born under a bad sign: If you are defeated in combat; you die. When you die must utter the flavor text.
    Flavor Text: “Giant Statue”

    6. Door: Randus
    Assistant: Roll a die 2-6 +3 to combat 1 +0 to combat
    If you are helping a player you may send in your assistant instead.
    If you do so you automatically run away if you are defeated in combat.
    If you win you do not get any treasures as you were not there.
    Bad Luck: If you are defeated in combat you do not escape. However, you do not die; instead you lose an arm and can only use one hand to hold items.
    Flavor Text: Place bets on what Randus will roll

    7. Door: Torq
    Too dumb to die: If you lose a combat and you are caught and the bad stuff states you die you may instead:
    • Discard your highest valued card or
    • Lose a level
    BadAss: Roll a Die: 1-5: +1 to Combat 6: +3 to Combat
    Flavor Text: “Uhh Whut?”

    8. Door: Level 5 Towering Funnel Cakes of Death
    +3 against Torq
    (it is a Goth)
    Bad Stuff: Player cannot run away from its next combat
    Flavor Text: “cake AND death”

    9. Door: CURSE! Curse of Khet
    You have no friends. You cannot be assisted by other players in the current combat.
    If you are not in combat you cannot be assisted by other players in your next combat.
    Flavor Text: /Anne Ramesey “Khet doesn’t have a friend” /Anne Ramesey

    1. Treasure: +6 Sword of Friendship
    • Cannot be voluntarily discarded.
    • Cannot assist other players*.
    • If you have a card that can defeat a player during their turn you must play it. (Does not have to be played if they are already defeated)*
    • If the other players find out that you cheated by failing to do the above you are dead (the sword kills you)
    *May assist or ignore a player with the Khet class. “Khet has no friends” (Khet class for the next expansion)
    Flavor Text: “Kill your friends”
    1 Hand 0 Gold

    2. Treasure: Gordian Knot Cannon
    End another player’s turn. When this card is played all the cards played are discarded affected player’s turn ends.
    Flavor Text: the DM has determined the pop culture references and/or role-play to be detrimental to the game, thus “NOT CANON”

    3. Treasure: Randus’ Mechanical Arm
    Add an additional hand to hold items.
    Flavor Text: “Groovy”

    4. Treasure: +3 the Queen’s Rebellious Daughter Tuning Fork
    Flavor Text: “BONG”

    • To make your classes here more compatible with existing cards, might I recommend that the Torq card be treated as the Fighter class and Smith and Randus be treated as wizard class by other cards and players.

  12. Here’s my ideas (I had a different take on some of the cards already mentioned previously):

    Curse – “You already used your one…” Lose a Level
    flavor text: “Okay, THAT was my one”

    Curse – “It was all just a dream.” You do not gain any treasures or levels from your next (or current) battle.
    Image: Munchkin wildly attacking a pillow with a sword with a ZZZs coming from his mouth and a cloud bubble showing a giant dragon against a little stick figure.

    Curse – Brian’s Lucky Dice – Any time you roll a die, turn it to a 1. Rolling a 6 or a Wishing Ring breaks this curse.
    Image: A munchkin pushing down on a slow globe shaped bubble with a die under it using 1 finger. He is focusing very hard with his tongue sticking out to the side.

    Monster – Weasel Vendor – Level 10 – You can give him a 300 gold item (no more, no less) to ignore you.
    Bad Stuff – You have offended him, Good Day Sir!! Buying a weasel, I mean level now costs you 1500 gold.
    flavor: “Stop loitering around my Weasel Stand!”

    1. “Pods of Casting” – Look through either discard pile and add any one card to your hand. No Value
    Image = munchkin wizard holding up a glowing sphere with ear buds dangling from it.

    2. “Stupid Dog” – Counts as a hireling. +1 only if he is holding an item because otherwise you kind of forgot he was there.
    Image – Ocarina looking instrument with a dog’s head and legs sticking out of the holes

    3. “Sleeping Twig” – Wandering Monster cards cannot be played on you. 1-Handed 100 Gold
    flavor: “It really is a twig…”
    image – Munchkin standing and sleeping while leaning against a stick as big as he is while a monster’s hand reaches in from the side to try and steal his slightly visible wallet.

    4. “Where are the…” – remove target card from the game and forget that it ever existed.
    flavor: “But what about the…?” “NO, we already talked about this!”

    5. “I had this the whole time?!?!?” – go through the treasure draw pile and put a card directly into play even if you are currently in battle. You must be able to equip it.

    That’s all I can think of for now

  13. Doors:

    1. “Pretty Boy” – Mount.
    +3 To run away.
    If you ever draw or acquire another face-up mount, Pretty Boy becomes jealous and immediately leaves, even if you do not equip the new mount; discard Pretty Boy.
    “I just thought he was too snooty to talk to me…”

    2. “The Thing That Shatters the Sky” – Level 20 monster.
    Will not fight any munchkin level 3 or below.
    Dominating gaze: Before battle begins, all munchkins (except the one whose turn it is) roll a six-sided die. The one with the lowest roll is dominated and the monster adds that player’s level to his. The dominated player cannot assist in the combat or use items to assist the munchkins’ side. He can, however, use items to assist the monster. If more than one player ties for lowest dice roll, then no player is dominated.
    Bad Stuff: You are dead. Also, lose a level. Hey, this is a boss battle, after all!
    Reward: 4 treasures
    “I live in multiple universes, and one of them is upset about that reference.”

    3. “Bao Bel-Bina” – +3 Hireling.
    Bao Bel-Bina will work with you, but doesn’t like putting up with your shenanigans. If you ever lose a combat by 5 or more, she leaves, taking whatever items she is holding with her; discard Bao Bel-Bina and all items she is holding.
    “Do your damn research!”

    4. “Impossible Fight!” – Curse
    The GM has decided to throw you into a combat you can’t possibly win! All munchkins lose a level. Other munchkins may use items that allow them to avoid curses, acting as if they had drawn the card.
    “Yeah, we weren’t supposed to win that one…”

    5. “Your Long Lost Sister” – +2 Hireling.
    Hey! It’s that person who you forgot about! How’s it been?
    “Oh, it’s you…”

    6. “… Of the Void” – +5 Monster Enhancer.
    The monster gains a +5 to their combat level and becomes a “Whatever of the Void”
    “Too many eyes, missing half their head, or face flaps. Take your pick”

    7. “Lizard Monkey” – Level 1 Monster.
    Swarm!: When combat starts, each player may add a single monster of Level 5 or lower to the combat.
    Bad Stuff: The biting! Oh god, the biting! Lose a single item you are wearing. If you aren’t wearing any items, lose a level. If you have no levels to lose, then you die. If you are immune to death, then… uh, congratulations, I guess.
    “No, they’s Lizard Monkeys. Monkey Lizards look completely different.”

    8. “Message Board Backlash” – Curse
    Your fandom expects a certain level of entertainment! Lose a level.
    “More boring than whale dung!”

    9. “The Holy Halitosis of Tiamat” – Curse
    Good news: You got an audience with Tiamat, goddess of greed and envy! Bad news: her corrosive breath burned away at your shoes. Lose your foot gear.
    “Again? Man!”


    1. “Clockwork Assistant” – Item
    Allows you to hold an extra hand worth of stuff.
    800 Gold
    “Click click-click! Vrrrrp! Vrrrrp!”

    2. “Parasitic…” – Item enhancer
    Attach to any weapon. It becomes the “Parasitic Whatever”
    Also, as long as you have this weapon equipped, you gain the following bonus: Whenever another munchkin suffers Bad Stuff due to losing a combat, you may draw one treasure card. If another munchkin dies, you gain a level. This may not be the winning level.
    “I don’t know what a parasite is. Is it something that kills its friends? Because if it is, you should become one of those.”

    3. “Rotary…” – Item enhancer, +3 to weapon.
    Attach to any weapon to raise its combat bonus by 3 and it becomes the “Rotary Whatever”
    Also, when you enter combat roll a six-sided die. If the result is six or higher, double the bonus from this card to +6.
    “Fwip-fwip! Dreeeeeeeeeeeee!”

    4. “Save the Word… Twice!” – Go up a level.
    Hooray! You saved the world! They even built statues in your honor. Too bad they spelled all your names wrong… Go up a level.
    “In honour of Randice, Orum, Tork, and Smiff.”

    5. “Cold Iron (Hair) Bow” – Head item +5
    500 Gold
    “The perfect accessory to hunt down gnomish overlords with.”

  14. LOTS of great ideas! There are almost enough to create a basic deck!

    Can’t wait to hear the Major Spoilers Crew’s reactions! Come on guys, POST A COMMENT for us!

    • Hmmm. A full set of Critical Hit cards… That makes me salivate. Definitely could be done, and might be the only way to do the series justice. How do we make this happen?

      • It would probably be very similar to a standard munchkin deck, though with a a few important changes.

        The following classes would be recommended, or invented:
        Warrior (or fighter)
        Wizard (possibly replaced with “Swordmage”)

        The following Races:
        Orc (Using “Half-Breed” card to achieve your Three-Quarter Orc)
        Eladrin (You might be able to do without this one and use the “High” race modifier with the “Elf” race to achieve your Orems)
        Cog (just to round out the number of races. The Torqueltones were never that big on racial diversity)

        You could throw in a race modifier card as well, called “Moon Changed” or “Spellplagued” or something along those lines to represent whatever Smith was…

        Then, sprinkle in the monsters, items, curses and what-have-you found above with some standard munchkin cards and there you have it!

        I would also advise creation of a horde for void or lunar monsters and maybe some additional special rules for them to make the set unique, like they come with their own set of physics so they alter dice rolls or change existing rules, or something like that.

        Another fun idea, maybe you can get a special bonus when you manage to recreate a Critical Hit character: Acquire the Artificer class, have no race card, and have the Clockwork Assistant and Mechanical Arm to get the Randus bonus… whatever that would be. Make items? Just an idea to throw out there.

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