Polor Vortexes, snowpocalypse, tornadoes, sweltering heat, and the constant raking of leaves.  No matter the season, there’s going to be something that drives you crazy about that season.  But there is something we love about the seasons of the year, and of course this being the Major Spoilers Poll of the Week, there can be only one.

What is your favorite season of the year?

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The poll doesn’t stop there – Use the comment section below to explain your answer in depth, and then listen to the next Major Spoilers Podcast to find out what some of your favorite Spoilerites like the most and least about our four seasons.


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  1. I voted for fall. Pretty leaves, clear blue skies, no mosquitoes after the first frost, apples and cider, Halloween and pumpkins, kicking through dry leaves. And besides, my birthday is in October; plainly this is the best time of the year!

  2. I love Fall and Winter for different reasons. The weather is more pleasant in fall, but I also love cross-country skiing on a bright sunny day.
    Fall gets my vote because my area of Canada has some of the best fall plumage around.

  3. I’m a gardener, so I like spring. Getting into the dirt, planting some tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers and all the other good stuff I get to eat later. It is a time of sweet breezes, blossoms and possibility, whereas by the middle of summer the bugs and birds have laid waste to large portions of my crop, its too hot to do anything outside, and I spend too much time just keeping my garden alive. By fall its all wilting and the dead plants scream to be cleaned up. Winter, is of course, winter.

  4. I picked spring because i really enjoy the season of rebirth. I love the dead trees coming back to life full of green leaves, seeing the grass again in its fullness, the birds in their merriment and the overall feeling people have after the cold winter has passed make it mine number 1 season.

  5. Fall. Despite being one of the two seasons where my allergies kill me and the end of bikini season, it is just one of my favorite times of the year. Halloween stuff is out, the leaves turn pretty colors, the weather is almost perfect (spring and fall tie for that, though) and it is also the time of year when there are fairs all over the place around here.

  6. I love ’em all. But summer has more sunlight, and for that reason alone it wins. I really get tired of going to work in the dark and driving home in the dark. But give me a day where I can sit out on the porch at 10pm and still have it warm and sunny… Ahhhhhhh.

  7. Spring gets me hopeful, which usually falls flat.
    Summer is just too hot & muggy where I am, and adds to tension.
    Fall is just right and gets me nostalgic.
    Winter is just depressing and commuting stinks.

    So Fall gets my vote.

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