Knuckleheads #5 sneak peek


Monkeybrain Comics has a new issue of Knuckleheads #5 by Brian Winkeler and Robert Wilson IV that arrives this week.

Knuckleheads #5
Writer: Brian Winkeler
Art: Robert Wilson IV
Colorist: Jordan Boyd
Letterer: Thomas Mauer
Price: $.99
Pages: 19
Rating: 15+
The Crystal Fist has crapped out, just when Trev needs its power most! Can he still save the diner from a pair of verbose, gun-toting, mustachioed robbers?

Knuckleheads_05-1 Knuckleheads_05-2 Knuckleheads_05-3 Knuckleheads_05-4 Knuckleheads_05-5

via Monkeybrain Comics