Hawkman Teaser Trailer?


Would the story of Hawkman make an amazing movie? This parody trailer seems to think so.

With all the recent news of casting in the Superman vs Batman movie, there’s one DC Superhero that has been forgotten. Why have we not heard any news of Hawkman? He showed up on Smallville and made an appearance on the Justice League cartoon, but maybe it’s time for his big screen appearance.

Youtubers Rhett and Link certainly want to see Hawkman on the big screen as they dedicated an entire episode of their daily weekday show Good Mythical Morning to talking about the subject. But they did not stop there. The comedy dup created this parody trailer as proof of how amazing a Hawkman movie would be.

If you wish to see their case for the Hawkman movie, check out their episode entitled,¬†Why “Hawkman: The Movie” Should Be Made.

(If you didn’t know faithful spoilerites, I was involved in the above production, and had an absolute blast making it. I thought you all would enjoy seeing it.)