Dynamite Entertainment sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of the collected editions arriving in stores this week. Take the jump for a look at The Best of Pantha: The Warren Stories Hardcover, Zorro Rides Again Vol. 2: The Wrath of Lady Zorro, The Art of Vampirella: The Warren Years Hardcover, and The Art of Ramona Fradon Hardcover.

216 pages FC • $29.99 • Mature
Steve Skeates, Budd Lewis, Bill DuBay (w)
Jose Gonzalez, Auraleon, Jeff Jones, Ramon Torrents, Gonzalo Mayo (a)
Bob Larkin (c)
Born in ancient Egypt, the high priestess Sekhmet was cursed by the sun god Ra to walk the Earth forever as the feline heroine, Pantha! Dynamite proudly presents her very best tales from Vampirella Magazine, reprinting her every appearance from the classic horror anthology where it all began. From her first appearances in solo adventures, through her inclusion into the regular cast of the ongoing Vampirella storyline, The Best of Pantha captures all the magic, mystery, and malevolence of the immortal were-panther’s early publishing history. Featuring tales by legendary horror writers Steve Skeates, Budd Lewis, Rich Margopoulos, and David Allikas, and brought to life by the incomparable artistic talents of Auraleon, Leo Duranona, José Ortiz, Alfredo Alcala, and Atoz!

BestPantha-Prev_Cover BestPantha-Prev_Page_005 BestPantha-Prev_Page_006 BestPantha-Prev_Page_007 BestPantha-Prev_Page_008 BestPantha-Prev_Page_009 BestPantha-Prev_Page_010 BestPantha-Prev_Page_011 BestPantha-Prev_Page_012 BestPantha-Prev_Page_013 BestPantha-Prev_Page_014 BestPantha-Prev_Page_015 BestPantha-Prev_Page_016

Matt Wagner (w/c)
John K Snyder III (a)
FC • 152 pages • $19.99 Teen+
“Justice, justice for all!” With this rallying cry, the daring adventurer Zorro fights to unseat the brutal Spanish regime that holds authority over Alta California. Striking by night astride his magnificent stallion, Diego de la Vega keeps his identity secret, acting alone to protect those he loves. But he is no longer the only masked figure stalking the corrupt, as the mysterious Lady Zorro takes up a sword of her own. Driven by revenge for her murdered family, she strikes down her enemies indiscriminately, offering them no mercy. Although Zorro serves as her inspiration, he cannot condone her actions. Are they destined to face one another as enemies? Or will the distraction of their moral conflict make them easy prey for the bloody killer, El Galgo? Collecting issues 7 through 12 of the hit series.
“This is a charged, energetic look at a classic character, and I’m very happy that Wagner will be allowed to complete his epic.” – CX Pulp
“Zorro Rides Again is the kind of comic book that shows why comic books get to keep the word book in their name.” – Geeks of Doom
“Very well written, great pencils and nice character additions to the Zorro family.” – The Geekality

ZorroRidesVol02_Cover ZorroRidesVol02_Page_006 ZorroRidesVol02_Page_007 ZorroRidesVol02_Page_008 ZorroRidesVol02_Page_009 ZorroRidesVol02_Page_010 ZorroRidesVol02_Page_011 ZorroRidesVol02_Page_012 ZorroRidesVol02_Page_013 ZorroRidesVol02_Page_014 ZorroRidesVol02_Page_015 ZorroRidesVol02_Page_016 ZorroRidesVol02_Page_017


224 pages FC • $39.99 • Mature
Roy Thomas, José Villarrubia (W)
Frank Frazetta & Various (A)
Jose Gonzalez & Enrich (C)
In 1969, the iconic image of Vampirella first appeared on America’s newsstands, forever imprinting her hypnotic beauty in the minds of millions of young adult males! Dynamite celebrates the mesmerizing and macabre magazine covers of yesteryear in The Art of Vampirella: The Warren Years, a treasure trove of fully painted artwork. For the first time in history, devoted fans can enjoy each and every Vampirella Magazine cover in a way that only the artists could — unfettered by design elements such as logos or cover type! Featuring the spectacular art of Frank Frazetta, Sanjulian, Enrich, and Ken Kelly, The Warren Years spans over one hundred issues and two decades, rekindling our adoration with the horror hostess and haunting a generation anew!
“Vampirella was in its prime throughout my adolescence. The alchemy of sex, horror, and seductive wickedness, brought vividly to life by such incredible talents as Frazetta, Sanjulian, and Enrich among many others, had a profound impact on me and my art and continues to inspire many a vision to this day.” – Brom
“Vampirella was so hot I used to buy every comic I could get my hands on. The fact she didn’texist didn’t bother me because we have these quintessential female images in our mind…” – James Cameron

ArtOfVampiWarren_Cover ArtOfVampiWarren_Page_021 ArtOfVampiWarren_Page_022 ArtOfVampiWarren_Page_023 ArtOfVampiWarren_Page_024 ArtOfVampiWarren_Page_025 ArtOfVampiWarren_Page_026 ArtOfVampiWarren_Page_027 ArtOfVampiWarren_Page_028 ArtOfVampiWarren_Page_029 ArtOfVampiWarren_Page_030 ArtOfVampiWarren_Page_031 ArtOfVampiWarren_Page_032

152 pages FC • $29.99 • Teen +
Cover and art by RAMONA FRADON
Interviewed by HOWARD CHAYKIN
Ramona Fradon was one of the most prolific and high profile female cartoonists at a time when the comic book field was dominated by men. Her illustrative style influenced a generation of Aquaman readers, only to gain a larger following when she co-created Metamorpho, one of the most unique characters of comic’s Silver Age. She demonstrated an apt ability to work in multiple genres with a flair for the comedic as seen in Plastic Man and later on Super Friends. She then made her mark by replacing Brenda Starr’s creator Dale Messick on the long running newspaper strip.
The Art of Ramona Fradon is an in-depth, fascinating retrospective in the legendary illustrator’s own words, shared in conversation with Howard Chaykin (American Flagg!) and accompanied by the finest examples of her work from such classic comics as Adventure Comics, The Brave and the Bold, Brenda Starr, House of Mystery, Metamorpho, Plastic Man, The Super Friends, World’s Finest Comics, and more!

ArtOfFradon_Cover ArtOfFradon_Page_010 ArtOfFradon_Page_011 ArtOfFradon_Page_012 ArtOfFradon_Page_013 ArtOfFradon_Page_014 ArtOfFradon_Page_015 ArtOfFradon_Page_016 ArtOfFradon_Page_017 ArtOfFradon_Page_018 ArtOfFradon_Page_019 ArtOfFradon_Page_020 ArtOfFradon_Page_021

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