Check out the new Adventure Time: The Flip Side #2


BOOM! Studios released a sneak peek of Adventure Time: The Flip Side #2, that you can check out, after the jump.

Adventure Time: The Flip Side #2
Writer(s): Colleen Coover, Paul Tobin
Artist(s): Wook Jin Clark

All Finn and Jake need to do is convince the Monkey Wizard to kidnap Painting Princess, shouldn’t be too hard…right? With insight from the master of princess-napping it’s up to the duo to get help from an unlikely source…the Ice King! This might end up being one of the hardest and craziest adventures these two friends have ever been on!

AdvTime_FlipSide_02_rev_Page_01 AdvTime_FlipSide_02_rev_Page_02 AdvTime_FlipSide_02_rev_Page_03 AdvTime_FlipSide_02_rev_Page_04 AdvTime_FlipSide_02_rev_Page_05 AdvTime_FlipSide_02_rev_Page_06 AdvTime_FlipSide_02_rev_Page_07 AdvTime_FlipSide_02_rev_Page_08 AdvTime_FlipSide_02_rev_Page_09 AdvTime_FlipSide_02_rev_Page_10

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