Iron Man gets life size bust


Currently, I have two Iron Man statues on my desk, and everyone who enters spends a bit of time marveling at the character. Imagine the surprise on visitors’ faces if they could see a life-size bust of the Iron Man Mark 42 suit looking at them as they walk in.

Created in tandem with the Hollywood special FX team responsible for all of the live-action suits in the Iron Man trilogy, this full scale replica bust captures every detail of the Mark 42 using the original molds developed for the film. Measuring just over two feet tall, Stark’s latest ‘bouncing badass’ armor is brought to life with a stunning high gloss paint application, and brilliant white LEDs to light his eyes and arc reactor.

This massive bust does come with a price – $999.99 on pre-order now from Sideshow Collectibles. Sure would look good at the Major Spoilers HQ… he hinted broadly.

via Sideshow Collectibles