Lords of the Feywild

In this episode of Critical Hit, A Major Spoilers Dungeons and Dragons Podcast: DOWN WITH THE KING… AGAIN!




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  1. I know that 4e combat is painfully long and involved, and I think that Rodrigo (and others) like the roleplay aspect more than the combat aspect of DnD, but oh do I love listening to combat sequences in Critical Hit. I love the strategy, I love the conversation, I love hearing the excitement and disappointment with each roll. And I love visualizing the battles in my mind (I rarely look at the provided pictures because I prefer my mind’s visual).

    Great episode – I know the combat ones are few and far between to give way to story development and roleplay (though we’ve had a few here in succession, which I’ve loved!) but keep up the great work.

  2. So, I’m going to be the kind of rules lawyer players hate, and point out that Stephen’s use of Shield in this combat was completely illegal and Rodrigo must kill him now.

    In the last fight, Stephen used Guardian Blades. Both Guardian Blades and Shield are level 2 Utility powers, so Rodrigo must now execute him. Bummer.

  3. Frederick aka Darth Macho on

    I think the party should recruit these guys they’re fighting and bring them back to Tuberville to whoop some devil butt…

  4. That’s funny…for some reason, I thought they were somehow linked with the happenings in Tuberville-either locals unhappy with the King letting this happen, or the devil-worshiping freaks forcing locals to overthrow the king.

    Either way…I like me some good fights! :)

    • Frederick aka Darth Macho on

      I didn’t think they were connected, but I’m curious about the whole plot to overthrow the king. I’m also looking forward to seeing Tuberville resolved, and what Rodrigo has in store for the party once they reach the Underdark/Feydark, and of course, the new Feywild.

  5. Hey, Steven and Matthew – In these past few episodes, and while re-listening to the entirety of the Critical-Hits show, I thought up a neat little strategic maneuver that may not have been intentionally utilized by the pair of you! So here’s my ‘Rob-Brain’ spilling out some strategery for you:

    If Torq and Orem flank an enemy, while Orem’s Guardian Blades are activated, and the enemy is marked by Torq, you can potentially prevent the enemy from attacking Orem at all! If he attacks Orem, Torq can take an attack on him(and he takes damage from guardian blades). Otherwise, if he attacks Torq, he still gets the Guardian Blade damage. If he moves, either of them can take Opportunity Attacks on him, and if he shifts while marked by Torq, Torq can take an attack on him.

  6. Come on. There’s no chance the party will be killed now. Even if they all die they will continue in the afterlife or something. There’s no risk. Too much has been invested with the characters, like T shirts etc. “Ooohh are we going to wipe, Oooohh” No. No you’re not.

    Secondly. I’m tired of Matthew lying about his dice rolls. The others just seem to act embarrassed about the obvious cheating now. Either he can break the laws of chance or he’s faking rolls.

    • Ben, even if there is no risk about being killed the story will still move forward and change. We’ve seen it before with the Exploding Skeletons, the Moon Elves, The Thing that Shatters the Sky, the final battle of the Celestial Crusade, and Spud.

      Someone might ‘die’, do something crazily impulsive, be left for dead, be presumed dead, or be disintegrated. All of these things change the story. Imagine if the party beat the skeletons in the tower and Randus never lost his arm. The story would be drastically different from then on. Moon elves? They might have helped the party in some other more major way if Torq chose not to Sweeping Blow. If Smith stayed with the party after fixing the moon, the story of Celestial Crusade may not have ever happened – or it would have happened differently. No one in the main party died at the end of Celestial Crusade (RIP Brensin & Glaa), but it still gave us a powerful turning point and a perfect ending to the season. Even the Squiggle and the Dargon gave a scenario in the story where something could have turned out a completely opposite or different way.

      Don’t get to hung up on possible character death or the LACK of possible character death. If the party loses a combat, intimidates everyone away, runs from the combat, or dies – it gives something to the story. If someone doesn’t want to have their characters permanently die, then they wont – but it will not be without consequence or a change in happenings in the story.

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