iZombie gets pilot at The CW


Good news for writer Chris Roberson, the Doc Savage scribe is getting to see one of his other series, iZombie get the television treatment.

The news comes from Variety who reports the CW has picked up pilots for a number of new series, one of which includes Roberson’s iZombie that he wrote with artist Mike Allred.


1720201-i_zombie_gwen_4The series deals with Gwen Dylan (nee Gwendolyn Price), a revenant gravedigger in Eugene, Oregon and her friends Ellie, a 1960s ghost, and Scott, a wereterrier. iZOMBIE was nominated for the 2011 Eisner Award for Best New Series.

Gwen can pass for a regular girl, but she needs to eat a brain once a month to keep from losing her memories and intelligence. As a gravedigger she has plenty of access to recently deceased people; when she consumes their brains she “inherits” part of the deceased’s thoughts.

Mr. Roberson shared the news via his Twitter feed, and though he hasn’t made any comment about the series, one can tell that he is excited about the news.

via Variety