Check out the first issue of Copernicus Jones: Robot Detective


This week, Copernicus Jones: Robot Detective #1 arrives from Monkeybrain Comics and the publisher sent us a sneak peek of the digital issue.

Copernicus Jones: Robot Detective #1
Writer: Matt D. Wilson
Art: Kevin Warren
Letterer: Dylan Todd
Price: $.99
Pages: 17
Rating: 15+
Deep in debt, and with collectors breathing down his stainless steel neck, Copernicus takes on what seems like a simple case that promises a huge payday. Turns out it’s not so simple. Figures.

Copernicus_Jones_Robot_Detective_01-1 Copernicus_Jones_Robot_Detective_01-3 Copernicus_Jones_Robot_Detective_01-4 Copernicus_Jones_Robot_Detective_01-5

via Monkeybrain Comics