Archie Comics has released the cover images and solicitation information for titles arriving in April 2014.


ìThe Nether-Realmî: The unthinkable has happened: Riverdale has become ground-zero for the zombie apocalypse, and the surviving members of our gang have been forced to flee their beloved home. However terrible things have been for Archie and friends, they’ve been MUCH worse for Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Banished to witches’ purgatory after using the dreaded Necronomicon, she’s now fighting for her immortal soul! The award winning team of writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and artist Francesco Francavilla continue their celebrated run on the critically acclaimed series. A perfect entry-point for new readers as the smash horror TEEN+ hit of the season continues! Definitely NOT for all ages! Script: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa Art: Francesco Francavilla, Jack Morelli Cover: Francesco Francavilla Sabrina the Teenage Witch Variant Cover: Andrew Pepoy Ship Date: 4/23 On Sale Date: 5/7 32-page, full color comic $2.99 U.S.

Offered Again: 2nd printing of AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE #1 and 2nd printing of AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE #2

When Jughead’s beloved pet Hot Dog is killed in a hit and run, Jughead turns to the only person he knows who can help bring back his canine companionóSabrina the Teenage Witch. Using dark, forbidden magic, Sabrina is successful and Hot Dog returns to the land of the living. But he’s not the same… and soon, the darkness he brings back with him from beyond the grave begins to spread, forcing Archie and the gang to try to escape Riverdale! Collects issues 1-5 featuring the first storyline “Escape from Riverdale” from the new ongoing TEEN+ comic book horror series Afterlife with Archie.
Script: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Art:†Francesco Francavilla, Jack Morelli
Cover: Francesco Francavilla
6 5/8 x 10 3/16î
Trade Paperback
160†pp, Full Color
Direct Market On-sale: 4/23

a655va655ARCHIE #655
An unexpected day off from school turns into the adventure of a lifetime! When a flying saucer crash-lands in Riverdale, Archie and Jughead come face-to-face with the one and only Cosmo the Merry Martian! His now-damaged space ship is threatening to make him late for a very important meeting at the Diner at the Center of the Universeóand without Cosmo there, the fate of the entire galaxy could be at risk! Archie is prepared to save the day, and you can bet that if a dinerís involved, Jugheadís on board! Get ready for intergalactic adventure and classic Archie Comics characters galore in an out-of-this-world story by comics great Tom DeFalco! Script: Tom DeFalco Art: Fernando Ruiz, Rich Koslowski, Jack Morelli, Digikore Studios Cover: Fernando Ruiz, Bob Smith, Rosario ìTitoî PeÒa Cosmo the Merry Martian Variant Cover: Fernando Ruiz, Rosario ìTitoî PeÒa Ship Date: 4/16 On Sale Date: 4/30 32-page, full color comic $2.99 U.S.

Something amazing is happening in Riverdale! The quarterly Archie Comic Super Special Magazine rolls on with this spring fling edition! Spring is in the air, flowers are in bloom, and Archieís probably missing all of it because heís stuck in detention! It’s classic fun from the Archie vault. All this plus creator spotlights, the latest Archie news, a brand new multi-color foil-enhanced cover and much, much more in this jam-packed magazine!
Script: George Gladir, Dan Parent
Art: Dan Parent, Fernando Ruiz
Cover: Dan Parent
Ship Date: 4/30
On Sale Date: 5/14
128-page, full color comic
$9.99 U.S.

Didnít think we could manage 1000 MORE pages of classic fun from Archie & the gang? Guess again! From classroom calamities to dating disasters, Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead and the rest of the pals ëní gals of Riverdale know how to make everyone laughóand theyíve been doing a spectacular job of it for over seven decades! Celebrate everything Archie with the largest Archie collection series EVER offered at an incredible value price!
Script: George Gladir, Frank Doyle
Art:† Dan Parent, Dan DeCarlo
Cover: Harry Lucey, Dan DeCarlo, Fernando Ruiz
4 7/8 x 6 9/16î
Trade Paperback
192†pp, Full Color
Direct Market On-sale: 5/7

When Reggie selflessly gives Archie two gift certificates to a fancy restaurant, Archieís not convinced that Reggieís not up to something. Could it be possible that Riverdaleís infamous trickster is genuinely being kind, or is it part of a thicker plot? Find out in ìEat, Drink and Be Crazyî the hilarious lead story to a fun-filled double digest!
Script: Greg Ehrbar
Art: Fernando Ruiz, Rudy Lapick, Barry Grossman and Bill Yoshida
Cover: Fernando Ruiz, Bob Smith, Rosario ìTitoî PeÒa
Ship Date: 4/23
On Sale Date: 5/7
160-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

bv271bv271vBETTY & VERONICA #271
Betty and Veronica jet off to fabulous New York City for a runway event hosted by an old friend of Mrs. Lodgeís. It promises to be the hottest fashion affair of the seasonÖ until a mysterious ailment befalls all of the models and threatens to doom the entire production! Betty and Veronica may end up as more than just purveyors of the show if itís to go on! Featuring special guest appearances from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Josie and the Pussycats, Katy Keene, Ginger Snapp, and more classic characters!
Script: Tom DeFalco
Art: Jeff Shultz, Bob Smith, Jack Morelli, Glenn Whitmore
Cover: Dan Parent
Marilyns Variant Cover: Jeff Shultz and Rosario ìTitoî PeÒa
Ship Date: 4/2
On Sale Date: 4/16
32-page, full color comic
$2.99 U.S.

Itís time for Archie to make one of the most important decisions in his teenage life: who should he take to prom? With Betty, Veronica AND Cheryl Blossom all clamoring to be his date, the decision wonít be an easy one!† When he makes the bold choice to take all of themóall bets are off! Find out who wins the ìProm Showdown,î the lead story to a fun and fashionable double double digest, featuring a fancy fifth ink cover!
Script: Dan Parent
Art: Dan Parent, Jim Amash, Teresa Davidson, Barry Grossman
Cover: Jeff Shultz, Rosario ìTitoî PeÒa
Ship Date: 4/16
On Sale Date: 4/30
320-page, full color comic
$5.99 U.S.

Betty and Veronica are two beautiful bridesóbut wait, brides? In high school?! And who exactly are they marrying? Get an early look at the married lives of our two favorite BFFs before Life With Archie and see what happens when Archieís faced with the decision of a lifetime in ìArchieís Choice,î the 4-part story that leads the way in this jam-packed double digest!
Script: Frank Doyle
Art: Dan DeCarlo, Jimmy DeCarlo, Bill Yoshida, and Barry Grossman
Cover: Bill Galvan, Bob Smith, Rosario ìTitoî PeÒa
Ship Date: 4/9
On Sale Date: 4/23
160-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

Get ready to be spellbound by the one and only SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH in this classic compendium of supernatural stories! The Complete Sabrina the Teenage Witch is a black and white chronological collection of the history of the magical teen, starting with her first appearance in Archieís Madhouse in 1962. Itís the perfect book for comic collectors, pop culture aficionados and fans of comic book history.
Script: George Gladir
Art:† Dan DeCarlo
Cover: Dan DeCarlo
5 1/4 x 7 1/2î
Trade Paperback
512†pp, Black and White
Direct Market On-sale: 5/14

A trip to the mall turns what would be the best day of Jugheadís life into a day of turmoil! And itís all because of corn dogs and teddy bears! Sounds weird? You couldnít even begin to imagine it! Find out what the ìWrong Stuffî is in this fun lead story to a hilarious double digest!
Script: Craig Boldman
Art: Rex Lindsey, Rich Koslowski, Jack Morelli, and Barry Grossman
Cover: Jeff Shultz, Bob Smith, Rosario ìTitoî PeÒa
Ship Date: 4/30
On Sale Date: 5/14
160-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

lwa35 lwa35vLIFE WITH ARCHIE #35
Archie Marries VeronicaóLife has been rather tumultuous in Riverdale as of late, and everyone has plenty on their minds! Big things are about to happen to some of our favorite pals ëní gals, but it seems as though everyoneís own personal problems might cause them to neglect the ones they love. Will Veronicaís legal issues continue to pull her away from her friends and family, or will super-detective Sam Hill save the day and allow her to be free from the shackles of house arrest? Can Archie finally put an end to his unemployment streak? Can these issues be solved in the days leading up to two good friendsí big day? No matter what the circumstances, through the good and the bad, the people of Riverdale always manage to stand together as a communityófind out if that remains true in ìDearly Belovedî Part 1!

Archie Marries Bettyó The dramedy continues in the Archie Marries Betty universe. After a long and stressful nine months (for Jughead, at least!), could Midge finally be ready to bring the newest member of the Jones family to Riverdale? Meanwhile, Archie and Betty havenít been on the best of terms latelyówill they be together to celebrate this happy occasion? And in the midst of impending birth and marital woes, another relationship is ready to enter a new stage. Guess whoís tying the knot next in ìAnd Baby Makes Threeî Part 1!
Script: Paul Kupperberg
Art: Fernando Ruiz, Pat and Tim Kennedy, Bob Smith, Jim Amash, Jack Morelli, Glenn Whitmore
Cover: Fernando Ruiz, Bob Smith, Rosario ìTitoî Pena
Burger Beast Variant Cover: Chad Thomas, Rosario ìTitoî Pena
Ship Date: 4/16
On Sale Date: 4/30
48-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

Fresh from the history-making crossover with Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man is back with an all-new adventure! The world has gone dark. Robots have collapsed in the streets. Mega Man awakes to a world without electricityóand a crumbling civilization! With the help of the brilliant Dr. Light, Mega Man and a handful of Robot Masters are sent to the Amazon to stop the source of the world’s power failure. But their mission is not an easy one. The malevolent Ra Moon has awoken, and itís out to destroy the world. At its command is the unwitting Dr. Wily and his army of Wily-bots†and Robot Masters. Can Mega Man and his friends overcome the odds and save the world? Or is this the end of an era? MEGA MAN VOL. 7 collects MEGA MAN #29-32 plus exclusive bonus features!
Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Mike Cavallaro, Gary Martin, Matt Herms, John Workman
Cover:†Patrick ìSpazî Spaziante
6 5/8 x 10 3/16î
Trade Paperback
104†pp, Full Color
Direct Market On-sale: 4/30

mm36mm36vMEGA MAN #36
On the eve of the MEGA MAN/MEGA MAN X Crossover comes the TWISTED tale that could only be called “A Chance at Redemption”! Dr. Wily is a free man, cleared of†wrongdoing, and it’s all thanks to–Mega†Man?!†Can even an evil villain like himself live with a lie of that magnitude? Can he enjoy a life of robotics research next to his ìfrenemyî Dr. Light?† Will the promise of power in Gamma be far too tempting? The answer to all your burning questions lie in this mega-fun issue! Plus, be sure to pick up both regular and variant editions to read both SHOCKING “post-credits” alternate endings! Includes cover art by Patrick “SPAZ” Spaziante and a stunning “TRIAL OF DR. WILY” variant cover from rising MEGA-star Brent McCarthy! Script: Ian Flynn Art: POWREE, Gary Martin, John Workman and Matt Herms Cover: Patrick “SPAZ” Spaziante Trial of Dr. Wily Variant Cover: Brent McCarthy Shipping Date: †4/2 On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: 4/16 32-page, full color comic

The BIGGEST†video game†crossover event of all time ends here with the stunning conclusion to SONIC/MEGA MAN: Worlds Collide!†Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily are locked inside their flying fortress–the Wily Egg! Inside are all manner of powerful defenses, including Metal Sonic and Bass! Outside is an army–almost every Robot Master ever made! Dr. Light’s life is on the line, and two worlds teeter on the edge of destruction! Enter Sonic, Mega Man and an army of their own! Sonic’s friends join Proto Man, Rush and Duo in an epic all-out battle to break through to the evil doctors, rewrite two realities, and save their home worlds! Don’t miss the third and final act of this epic 12-part Sonic the Hedgehog / Mega Man crossover event–“CHAOS CLASH!”†WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE VOLUME THREE†collects:†Mega Man†#27,†Sonic the Hedgehog†#250-251, and†Sonic Universe†#54 plus exclusive bonus features you won’t find anywhere else!
Script: Ian Flynn
Art:†Ben Bates, Gary Martin, Steve Downer, Matt Herms, and Jack Morelli
Cover: Patrick ìSpazî Spaziante and Ben Hunzeker
6 5/8 x 10 3/16î
Trade Paperback
104 pp
Direct Market On-sale: 4/23

sth260sth260vSONIC THE HEDGEHOG #260
Journey under the sea with Sonic the Hedgehog in the first chapter of an EPIC new SAGA! “Waves of Change”: Part One ñ What could be worse than a world shattered to pieces?† How about dark monsters rising from the abyss?! †While Sonic and the Freedom Fighters race to find the Chaos Emeralds and Gaia Temples, Sonic ends up discovering a whole new world of adventure deep beneath the waves! But will those he encounters prove to be friend or foe?†Then, in “Light in the Dark: Part one”, Sally, Nicole, Tails and Antoine venture into the Eggman’s latest grab for power to retrieve a desperatly-needed Chaos Emerald!†Featuring all-new cover art from superstar Ben Bates and a special SONIC VERSUS variant cover from Sonic artist Evan Stanley!
Script: Ian Flynn, Aleah Baker
Art: Evan Stanley, Jennifer Hernandez, Terry Austin, John Workman and Matt Herms
Cover: Ben Bates
“SONIC VERSUS” Variant Cover by Evan Stanley and Jack Morelli
Shipping Date: 4/30
On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: 5/14
32-page, full color comic
$2.99 US

Knuckles, Sonic’s original “friendly nemesis” and the last guardian of the†Floating Island, finds himself embroiled in a political thriller, all the while continuing his quest to uncover his family’s secret origin! Featuring the team of detective heroes known as the Chaotix in some of their earliest adventures, and tying directly into the†top-selling Sonic Archives series, Knuckles Archives 5 is full of the action,†intrigue and adventure that Sonic and Knuckles fans have come to expect from†the Archives series! Knuckles Archives Volume 5 collects issues #22-27 of†the Knuckles the Echidna comic book.
Script: Ken Penders
Art: Patrick “SPAZ” Spaziante, Jim Valentino, Manny Galan, Chris Allan, Andrew Pepoy, Harvo, Barry Grossman, Mark Bernardo, Vickie Williams
Cover: Patrick “SPAZ” Spaziante
5 x 7 3/8î
Trade Paperback
160†pp, Full Color
Direct Market On-sale: 5/7

su63su63vSONIC UNIVERSE #63
BRAND NEW STORY ARC!†Fly high above the clouds with Knuckles and the Chaotix in “THE GREAT CHAOS CAPER: Part One”! Knuckles the Echidna has been tasked by a mysterious force to fix the shattered planet†ñ†but when the Dark Gaia monsters emerge from the word’s core, our hero finds himself in a fight for his very life! Luckily the ever-adventuring Chaotix are around to lend a hand, hired by Princess Sally to gather the all-important Chaos Emeralds. But wait, who’s that lurking in the dark? New characters, new lands, and the return of some familiar faces await you in this new storyline with interior and cover art from Sonic artist supreme Tracy Yardley! Plus a special CHIBI variant cover from Ryan Jampole!
Script: Ian Flynn
Art:†Tracy Yardley!, Jim Amash, Jack Morelli and Matt Herms
Cover: †Tracy Yardley!
Chibi Variant Cover: Ryan Jampole
Shipping Date: †4/9
On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: 4/23
32-page, full color comic
$2.99 US

Offered Again: 2nd printing of THE FOX #1

Archie and Dilton are embarking on a new business ventureóaerial photography! The boys are ready to make history, but what happens when their new invention lands in a no-fly zone? Find out in ìIn Plane View,î the lead story to an entertaining double digest!
Script: Bill Golliher
Art: Fernando Ruiz, Al Nickerson, Bill Yoshida, and Barry Grossman
Cover: Fernando Ruiz, Bob Smith, Rosario ìTitoî PeÒa
Ship Date: 4/2
On Sale Date: 4/16
160-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

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