George Reeves gets tribute issue from Bluewater Productions


Bluewater Productions offers up a tribute to the late George Reeves this week. Take the jump for a sneak peek of the issue.

Tribute: George Reeves
2 covers
Writer: M. Anthony Gerardo
Artist: M. Anthony Gerardo
He’s been gone for 55 yrs but for generation after generation he has thrilled & entertained us. He was the first actor to portray the man of steel in full color. And he is the granddaddy of all TV superheroes. But behind the scenes George Reeves lead a shocking (even by todays standards) life. Witness a tribute comic like no other when BlueWater journeys from the heartlands- to the “city of tomorrow”, as everyday people review George’s career ,and his place within the history of american pop culture. Join us as we celebrate the man who personified America’s first and greatest superhero!


via Bluewater Productions