Marvel Legends gets All-New X-Men box set


Action figure fans, get your wallets out and prepare to part with the green in your pocket – an All-New X-Men box set is headed to Toys R Us, and it looks like a must have.

The Toys R Us exclusive box set includes Cyclops, Jean Grey, Angel, Iceman, and Beast in their original yellow and blue costumes. The figures are part of the Marvel Legends line, which means multiple points of articulation, plenty of detail, and because the figures are a box set, you don’t have to hunt for a chase figure to complete the collection – especially the pre-blue-fur Beast.

Marvel-Legends-All-New-X-Men-Jean-Grey Marvel-Legends-All-New-X-Men-Beast Marvel-Legends-All-New-X-Men-Angel Marvel-Legends-All-New-X-Men-Cyclops Marvel-Legends-All-New-X-Men-Iceman Marvel-Legends-All-New-X-Men-Front-of-pack Marvel-Legends-All-New-X-Men-Packaging

According to multiple reports, the Marvel Legends All-New X-Men box set is set to arrive February 1, 2014, with a price tag of $84.99.

via Action Figure Pics