Fantasy creatures come to life… kinda…


Always wanted your very own ultra-realistic creature that looks like it stepped off the page and into your heart?  An artist from Russia has been making them for a while, and is willing to let you adopt one.

Santani creates the cool looking creatures from fimo, cernit, sculpey, sonet, and fabric fur. These creatures look amazing, and certainly will appear on more than one Want List in the future. The good news is, you can order one of these little buggers for your very own. The bad news is, Santani is booked with pre-orders right now, so it may be a while before a box (sans holes) shows up at your door.

Yum_Yum_Cthulhu_by_Santani Pink_Cthulhu_by_Santani my_little_dragon__bambi_by_santani-d581z3w my_little_dragon__grey_elf_by_santani-d5jwox5 baby_dumbo_octopus_by_santani-d3cq01c inari_foxes__oncilla_by_santani-d705mzg t_r__bars_box_by_santani-d4l5ll3 inari_foxes__gold_by_santani-d705lae

via Deviant Art