Bravest Warriors #16 sneak peek


BOOM! Studios released a sneak peek of Bravest Warriors #16 by Breehn Burns and Mike Holmes.

Bravest Warriors #16
Writer(s): Breehn Burns
Artist(s): Mike Holmes
The Bravest Warriors are finally getting the break the deserve, just a nice time for friendship and feelings…NOT! It’s another crazy mission where the Bravest Warriors must once again save the universe before it destroys itself!

BravestWarriors_16_rev_Page_01 BravestWarriors_16_rev_Page_02 BravestWarriors_16_rev_Page_03 BravestWarriors_16_rev_Page_04 BravestWarriors_16_rev_Page_05 BravestWarriors_16_rev_Page_06 BravestWarriors_16_rev_Page_07 BravestWarriors_16_rev_Page_08 BravestWarriors_16_rev_Page_09 BravestWarriors_16_rev_Page_10

Bravest Warriors #16 arrives in stores this week!

via BOOM! Studios