The Webcomic Factory announces the launch of the anthropomorphic, teen drama Millennials, written by Christian Beranek and Bongo Comics writer, Tony DiGerolamo and illustrated by artist, Julia Brito.

“This is a totally new subgenre for us and the website,” says co-creator Tony DiGerolamo. “And Julia’s art really sells the story. I love it.”

Millennials centers around a group of anthropomorphic characters in their latter days of high school. It’s full of teen angst and coming to grips with growing up.

“The Millennial generation is severely misunderstood,” says co-creator Christian Beranek. “We want to examine their lives in an entertaining way and by substituting animals for humans I think it will give us a chance to do so.”

Millennials premieres January 16th and will be appearing every Thursday on the Webcomic Factory website. The first page of Millennials can be accessed at


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