Superman-Batman film pushed back to 2016


Warner Bros. made the announcement last night that the once stellar summer 2015 blockbuster would lose another film as the untitled Man of Steel sequel is being pushed back to a 2016 release. Why the move? Warner Bros. give their reason for the push back and we discuss it more after the jump.

In the announcement from the studio the push back until May 2016 is due to moving the start of production into the second quarter of this year. Warners said the decision was made to “help fully realize the vision,” and with casting rumors still swirling around and the names of DC characters to be included still bouncing around it would seem that maybe extra times is needed to lock down a solid script.

It starts to become more and more apparent that Warner Bros/DC are placing a majority of their eggs into this Man of Steel sequel. The inclusion of Batman and Wonder Woman in a sequel to a Superman only movie, just lends itself to a bouncing off point for a Justice League movie and other stand alone films. The odds that this sequel is as much of a box office flop as Green Lantern was for the studio, is almost impossible, so one of the only aspects standing in the way of a DC film franchise starting is a strong script. So, if pushing back the release date to early 2016 gives the writers enough time to create a solid script, which turns into strong material for Zack Synder to work with and gives the actors a starting point to dive into their characters than I am all for this move.

What are your thoughts about the push back? Do you think it signals trouble in paradise or do you think that it will be a positive for the production overall? Sound off in the comments below!

via Variety