Last week we showed you the first stills that were released for the upcoming Marvel One Shot All Hail the King that will be included with Thor: The Dark World released in February. Well it’s your lucky day because now you can see the opening sequence and how the fallout from Iron Man 3 has affected Trevor Slattery.

You will be able to watch the full one shot when Thor: The Dark World releases digitally on February 4th or the releases of the physical copies on February 25th.

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  1. Jackson Norris? Could he be a reference to Jack Norriss from the early days of the Defenders? He’s better known as Barbara Norriss’ hubby. She’s better known as the host body of the Valkyrie.

    • Only just got the Dark World disk. Got totally stoked by the appearance of Jack Norris (Yes, OF COURSE it’s Jack Norris) In all the threads, on all the net, you seem to be the only one who got that little egg, Ron. (I said “seem” as I haven’t seen any other posts, anywhere where someone has noticed it – perhaps we’re just showing our age here though, Jack hasn’t been seen in any comics in ages, so there is that…)
      But yeah, where there’s Jack Norris, there’s likely to be Barbara Norris. And where there’s Barbara Norris there’s likely to be, etc, etc….
      Knowing MCU’s like of dropping hints for other projects in its movies, this now has me excited for Heroes for Hire coming up on Netflix.. I mean Defenders…. ;-)

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