Veronica Mars gets web series, too


It’s been off the air for years, but thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, Veronica Mars is seeing a new life. Later this year we’ll a Veronica Mars feature film, and now it looks like we’ll get a web series, too.

The story comes from Variety, that reports CW Digital is overseeing the projects with Veronica Mars series creator Rob Thomas.  What’s really strange is there isn’t much more to the story than that.  The CW hasn’t released a big press release, and Thomas – who is busy wrapping production of the movie for the South by Southwest film festival – hasn’t said a thing. One would assume that Kristen Bell is involved as well, but we aren’t going to start some crazy rumor.

We haven’t followed Veronica Mars as much as we should at Major Spoilers, but considering the Kickstarter campaign exceeded expectations, there is a huge audience that this news impacts.

via Variety