More big casting news from the land of Marvel cinema today as it has been announced that Thomas Kretschmann will be stepping into a villain role in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Who is it believed Kretschmann will be playing? Baron Wolfgang von Strucker.

You may recognize Thomas Krestchmann if you have been watching NBC’s Dracula, in which Kretchmann plays Abraham van Helsing. The world may soon start reffering to him as Wolfgang von Strucker as that is whom it is rumored Krestchmann will be portraying.

James Spader has already been cast as the main villain of Ultron, so we will have to see how the two work together.

Marvel Studios has already proven that Joss Whedon and crew can handle a large cast of heroes with the first Avengers, but will they be able to wrangle a story that features more villains while (most-likely) making ties to the multiple Marvel movies set to come out in 2014/2015? I’m going to go ahead and say they will be just fine.

What are your thoughts on this casting? Do you hope to see Wolfhgang von Strucker in Age of Ultron? Tell us your feelings and thoughts in the comment section below!

via Variety


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