Wally West returns in April


In case you missed it yesterday, DC Comics subtly announced that Wally West would be returning to the DCnU in April!

The announcement came quietly in a USA Today article talking about the Flash’s big year ahead – mostly focused on Barry Allen, the Arrow tie-in, and the upcoming movie and television appearances. Buried right before a pictures of Grant Gustin (Barry Allen on Arrow), was this simple statement.

A week later, they reintroduce Wally West, another guy who’s worn the Flash togs, into the DC Universe in The Flash Annual No. 3

That week later, is April 30, 2014. The article isn’t written clear enough on the creative team for The Flash Annual, but we’re going to assume it is the new Flash creativ team of Robert Venditti, Van Jensen, and Brett Booth.

The one quote that really stood out from the article was a dire warning from Jeff Bock, senior box office analyst for Exhibitor Relations;

“To tell you the truth, DC needs the Flash to break out, as he’s a major component of the Justice League and has always been one of the stars in their canon.”

With Quicksilver hitting the big screen in X-Men: Days of Future Past well ahead of any announced Flash movie, could hurt the speedsters big screen debut.