I have been working with friend of Major Spoilers, and artist extraordinaire, Thomas Perkins (Ben 10, Green Lantern, Beware The Batman) on new merchandise based on the Critical Hit: A Dungeons and Dragons Podcast.  Thomas designed all of the characters for the Critical Hit shirts currently being sold through /Loot, and we want to do something more with those designs.  Fortunately, we know some people who do 3D modeling, and have access to a 3D printer.  Do you see where this is going?


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  1. I voted Randus. Mainly because Randus is bestus.

    I would probably get the whole crew if they were available, but Randus first, then Torq. Then Thunderdome to decide the rest.

  2. I voted for Randus. I just think he has the coolest accoutrements, and I want to see how that would look. Next would probably be a tie between Torq and Ket.

    Now, if one of the choices was a statue of Orem AND Pretty Boy…

  3. fightinggobbler on

    I voted Torq because he is the least human looking of the bunch, and I think that would translate to a really interesting statue. Also, he has a huge axe! It would be cool to see Randus with his assistant, Ket with Gai, Trelle with her new double bladed weapon, and Orem has to have his fireball nearby!

  4. I’ll definitely want the whole set, but Randus comes first (and maybe everyone else’s statue can look a bit like him).

  5. Ket is not only the greatest but by far the most interesting member of the party! Everyone should have at least 3 Ket statues! A Ket statue will make you more attractive to other persons, help you lose weight, make your hair grow back, and give you the power to will the lottery at least 3 times a week. At the core of every Ket statue is a 3 wolf moon t-shirt which imbues it with powers far below that of other statues.

    Sure you could get another statue but you know you would just regret it for the rest of your life.

    • Crystal Groves on

      Yours now for only 3 easy payments of $19.99 (and the tiniest bit of your soul).
      That being said, I’d totally buy one. XD

  6. While I will admit that Smith and Glaa are my favorites, along with Sir Brinson, of those selected, I choose KET. He would make the best sculpt based upon the Perkins designs.

  7. Assistant and Gai riding Pretty Boy in full gallop–Pretty Boy is being guided by Poke, who is riding between the horse’s ears. Tell me the story doesn’t just write itself….

  8. One!?! I have to pick one? You know when WotC wanted to put out the PHB, DMG, and MM staggered over three months, they got alot of blow back. They relented and released all three books at the same time. (I think this happened with the release of 3e in 2000.) Anyway, how can you ask us to chose between the characters of the party? I say release them all as a set and individually! Ugh! Well, I voted Trelle in a classic “Last in, first out.” And of course, “Ladies first”.

  9. I voted Randus, but I want them all and it is difficult to choose one for “first”. Also, would love to see QRD and of course Poke and Assistant.

    I really hope you also consider using the same 3d models to do miniatures. Even if they would only be available through a third party site such as Shapeways, I would love to see this happen.

  10. Netochka, la rock & roll RN on

    Torq would be fabulous to sculpt. Action Man kung-fu grip hands would be perfect for interchangeable axe/funnelcake accessories.

  11. I cannot even express how mighty my need is to have a little Torq on my desk at work. Hopefully he comes with tiny funnel cake accessories, and a little grey dog he never uses.

  12. Okay just gonna throw this out there. People want a Rodrigo statue, okay well technically he would be in every one as the platform / base for each figure. My reasoning is that Rodrigo built the world and the characters are the ones playing on it. Just my thoughts, because it would be “interesting” verging on horrifying that when all the critical hit statues are put together the bases form Rodrigos face.

  13. I know that the plan is to make them larger statues, but have you thought about making miniatures of the characters also/instead? I know I would like to paint some up.

  14. First? The leader of course! So Ket (he’s the leader of the group for me).
    But let me be clear: I’d like Ket first, but I definitely want them all!
    And maybe it’s too much to ask, but I’d love to have merchandising of the various NPCs Rodrigo has created. Thony, the Queen Rebellious Daughter, the giant crocodile whose name escapes me, Pretty Boy, I want them all!

  15. Crap, I’m only on episode 19, and I’m looking at the above list thinking “where the hell is smith? Where is my confused furry smith?”

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