One of the more interesting side-effects of the casting of Wonder Woman for the ‘Man Of Steel’ sequel is the repeated internet argument that, “At least she’ll get her own movie, Black Widow never will.”  While it’s obvious how this speculation came to be, it’s a train of thought that I don’t entirely follow.  Based on her scenes in the Avengers flick, the character has unexplored potential, and Scarlett Johansson is what movie types call a “bankable” actress.  In the right movie, one which played up her acrobatics and spy-type exploits, let her be the awesome strategist and kick the proverbial butt, and I think a ‘Black Widow’ movie could be wildly successful, especially in concert with Marvel’s other properties.  This also raises another line of inquiry…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) thinks that you could also make one hell of a movie out of Machine Man, but if you did, people would accuse you of ripping of ‘Robocop’, asking: What hero (however unlikely) would you most like to see in his or her own solo film adventure?


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  1. I’d love to see a movie about Jade and Obsidian, the children of original Green Lantern Alan Scott. While it might not technically be a “solo” movie with two characters, it would seem unfair to have one without having the other. The powers they have play well against each other (Jade has light-based powers similar to a GL, where Obsidian has shadow/darkness based powers).

    Of course, I’d also be thrilled with a G’nort solo film. It may be the only instance where the old cheesy style of comic book movies might actually be a strength since G’nort is usually quite comical.

    Still waiting on that Deadpool movie… No, scratch that, I want a REAL Deadpool movie, not an X-movie spinoff.

    And I’m REALLY hoping that the Green Ranger solo movie that Jason David Frank expressed interest in doing comes to be.

  2. I have always wanted to see an Iron Fist movie. No, not a 70’s style movie either (although, i’d probably be entertained by it). I want to see a New York street level epic. With warring martial arts gangs, star-crossed lovers, I want The West Side Story without the singing and more kung-fu, with all of it centered around Danny, who, being a white man would have to navigate the Asian cultures as an outsider who’s trying to help. Just spitballing here.

  3. Christopher Crissey on

    I know technically he already had one 30ish years ago but I would love to see a Swamp Thing movie done well.

  4. Martian Manhunter – ’cause I love the character so. I’m having trouble imagining him in a solo movie, though.. he’s always been the heart of a team.
    Failing that, a Nightwing movie would actually be really cool.

  5. Being a long time fan of Alpha Flight, I would love to see them in a movie. Though, pigs will fly before that happens.

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