MOVIES: Gwen Stacy featured in latest still from Amazing Spider-Man 2


We have seen numerous promotional images for Amazing Spider-Man 2 over the last month, with all of them focused on the men of the movie. Thankfully, Sony remembered they do have a woman in a leading role in this film and have released an image of Gwen at her job in Oscorp.



With how little we have seen of Gwen in any of the promo pieces of clips I’m hoping that doesn’t mean that she will either be 1) pushed to the back while the boys fight it out until Spider-Man needs an emotional reason to fight or 2) be forced into the middle of love triangle between Peter and Harry Osborn.

Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield and more will be back on screen as some of your favorite Spider-Man characters in Amazing Spider-Man 2 on May 2nd.

via CinemaBlend