TOYS: Phasers Set to Stunning


There’s a new Jeam-Luc Picard figure in stores this week from Diamond Select Toys, featuring the Captain of the Enterprise ready to shoot anything that moves.

This 7-inch scale figure is based on Picard’s appearance in later seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and features 7 points of articulation as well as a detailed display base with removable Borg parts.

PicardFull1 PicardBorg2 PicardBorg3 PicardBorg4 PicardPhaser3 PicardKirk2 PicardTroi1 PicardFront1

It’s kind of an non-action action figure, but I think a number of fan will want to have Captain Picard in an action pose sitting on their desk at work… especially when their boss (who is probably a Bord in disguise) comes in to talk about overtime and how they aren’t going to pay you because you are salaried, and thus on the clock all the time, and thus part of the collective…

via Diamond Select Toys