BUSINESS: Star Wars: The Clone Wars will finish out the story in comics


When it was announced that Star Wars: The Clone Wars would be cancelled, fans were begging to know if the story would ever be completed or if they would be just left out in the cold. Eventually it was announced that “bonus content” episodes would be released, effectively a Season 6. Now Lucas Films has gave word that a “Season 7″ will give the final ending they had planned and it will unfold in a comic mini-series this May.

Lucas Films was speaking to Newsarama when they confirmed that a four-part mini-series titled Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir will be released to give The Clone Wars the ending the creators had already scripted out. Lucas Films did say that readers don’t have to be completely caught up on Clone Wars to jump right into Dathomir and read the unproduced final arc.

Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir will be written by long time Star Wars comic scribe Jeremy Barlow with an artist that is still unannounced. Son of Dathomir will follow Darth Maul as he returns to his full form and goes into direct combat with his former master Darth Sidious. Barlow told Newsarama that he will be delving into the world of Dathomir, inhabitants like the Nightbrothers and a new character named Brother Viscus.

With Dark Horse’s publishing rights of Star Wars comics ending at the end of 2014 I’m glad to see that they will get the opportunity to produce yet another comic that Star Wars fans will want to read after a show they loved was cancelled without an ending.

Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir will be available in May.

via Newsarama