Samuel L. Jackson certainly isn’t a stranger to the world of pop culture so it isn’t crazy talk to think he would want to do an adaptation of a manga novel. Which is good because that is exactly what he is doing with Kite. The actor introduces the footage that starts with a trailer and then goes into full scenes. A bit of NSFW footage after the jump.

Well certainly looks interesting. I have neither read nor heard of the manga Kite so if you have you should comment below on what you think about this adaptation.

No word on when Kite will be coming to theaters.

via Bleeding Cool


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  1. I’ve watched Kite a few times when it first came out in North America.
    It has a few analogs with Kick-Ass. Which could be a good or bad thing depending on your point of view.
    It looks like the characters have been aged up to over 18. This is really important to minimize some of the “icky themes” of the original content.
    I think I can trust Samuel L. Jackson to perform a tasteful adaptation of this material.

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