We knew that a Simpsons line of LEGO sets were coming, but we could only speculate what the sets would be of. Well we don’t have to guess as images have leaked of what the first set will be of: The Simpons’ House!



The image above was posted online by Eurobricks used Carlos S. Carlos did not provide any extra details besides his commentary of “Tadaaaaaa.” Since Carlos is no help, let’s break down what we know just from the front of the box:

  • Set will be 2523 pieces
  • Minifigs will include the entire family plus Flanders
  • Builders will be able to open the home up to show detailed inside
  • Homer’s car is included, as well as a skate ramp for Bart
  • Age is recommended for 12+, but who listens to those anyways

So, we can learn a lot just from looking at this leaked picture of a box, but the one piece of information that everyone wants to know (the release date) is absent. LEGO has yet to comment on the leaked picture of their Simpsons set and have yet to give a release date for when any Simpsons set will be available.

There was a lot of excitement from the community when it was announced LEGO would be creating Simpsons sets, so now that you have been able to see one what are your thoughts? Use the comments below to tell the world!

via Eurobricks


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  1. Looks like I might have to break down and get this. Is it weird that despite dissatisfaction with the show for the past decade+, I’m still a sucker for some of its merchandise.

    • It isn’t that much different from Star Wars fans that hate the prequels and the Special Editions, yet still buy new figures and other collectibles, or Doctor Who fans that dislike the revived series yet still buy the new Sonic Screwdriver or other items. Heck, I wasn’t thrilled with the Green Lantern movie, but I still want one of the movie-style power batteries because it looks like it could be an alien’s lantern. If you like something, even if you dislike certain aspects of it, then you don’t really have to rationalize wanting an item from it.

  2. I’m hoping to get this for my younger brother. Not only will he appreciate it for being both LEGO and Simpsons, but it’ll also be something he and my nephew can play with together when the kid gets a bit older.

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