When you think about Marvel movies coming out in 2014, don’t forget to include the manga-inspired, animated Big Hero 6. Honestly, this movie should make all of us excited due to it being the first animated Marvel movie in theaters and its success could lead to more animated treatments in the future. Much hasn’t been discussed about Big Hero 6 recently, until yesterday when it was announced that a new director was being added to the mix. Learn who it is after the jump.

It was announced yesterday that Chris Williams, co-director of Bolt, would be joining the Big Hero 6 team in a co-director role. Don Hall, director of the Winnie the Pooh movie from 2011, is the original director attached to the Marvel animated flick. Adding a co-director in the same year that a film is suppose to release generally would be means to start speculating what is wrong with the movie, but Disney (the owner of Marvel in case you forgot) brought on a co-director a year before Frozen came out and that one turned out just fine.

Marvel has already shown us that they can execute live action superhero movies with characters that are, fairly, well known by comic fans and the general public. Marvel and Disney are taking a slightly bigger risk here by venturing out of the cinematic-universe that they have been building for almost a decade by choosing to do an animated film with characters that the public won’t know. Adding another set of eyes and ears into the film might be exactly what Big Hero 6 needs to make sure it is up to the level moviegoers expect from Marvel.

Big Hero 6 is slated for a November 7 release and I can’t wait until the first trailer arrives in the coming months.

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