Now that the big holiday season is behind us we can all start looking forward towards all the programming that will be starting up again. AMC is looking for The Walking Dead to continue to pull a large crowd as Breaking Bad is no longer running and Mad Men will be closing up shop this year as well. To remind people when the second half of Season 4 begins, the studio released a new promo poster for The Walking Dead.



The giant letters in the sky might say “Don’t Look Back” but Rick and Carl have decided “look” doesn’t include “slightly turning your head and glancing out the corner of your eye.” It’s a technicality.

Are you excited for the return of The Walking Dead? Let your passion be heard in the comments below!

via IGN


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  1. I haven’t seen the latest episode, I think episode 6 or season 4, but so far it’s okay. I was fine with them bringing the governer back, since he seemed to have changed, but now it’s just the same storyline it seems. The governer comes over with a new group and wants to take the prison. Now I don’t know, something big probably happened in the last episode, but from what I can tell, the writers are just copying themselves.
    I’m a big reader of the comics, and I still have hope that they can live up to the expectations. But in order to do so, the show should probably start moving on with the plots quicker.

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