SNEAK PEEK: Executive Assistant: Assassins #17


If you missed it in the store on Tuesday (holidays always make new comic book day screwy), here’s another chance to consider Aspen Comics’ Executive Assistant: Assassins #17 by Vince Hernandez and Jordan Gunderson.

Vince Hernandez ­ Writer / Jordan Gunderson ­ Art / Teo Gonzalez – Colors
Covers by Jordan Gunderson, Tina Valentino and Mirka Andolfo

The ³Blood Origin² three-part storyline continues as Executive Assistant Daffodil learns the painful truth that a life devoted to the training of women in the art of killing can lead to unintended‹and fatal results. And, this lesson may prove to be her last, as the reality of this existence may prove too much to survive‹even for her!

01_EAAS-17-CMYKcrop 02_EAAS-17-CMYKcrop 03_EAAS-17-CMYKcrop 04_EAAS-17-CMYKcrop EA_ASSASSINS-17a-Gunderson EA_ASSASSINS-17b-Valentino EA_ASSASSINS-17c-Andolfo-RET

via Aspen Comics