Major Spoilers Question Of The Day: High-Resolution Edition


While your humble MS-QOTD ain’t one for resolutions (preferring to “be the change you want to see,” as espoused by either Gandhi or Dick Van Patten, I forget which), it is that time of year for Year-In-Review features and lists of all the things we had wished were different about the preceding three-sixty-five.  While there is a case to be made about whether that sort of navel-gazing does any good, I will not fault those who want to use the calendar’s restart as a way point, a benchmark for what things were like before they chose their new way of life.  It’s our nature, after all, to find patterns that may or may not exist, and the date 1/1 (or, as in Europe, “1/1″) has the same inexplicable cache as a fresh new pad of paper, or the moment where your paycheck reaches the bank before your bills do.  It’s the fresh, new snow just waiting to be turned into a snowman and covered with your bootprints, which in turn begs a (somewhat less floridly composed) query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) figures that every year, Han Solo wakes up in Bea Arthur’s bedroom with a screaming hangover after Life Day, and promises never to do THAT again, asking: Choose your favorite fictional character.  What should THEIR New Year’s Resolution be?