TOYS: First figure for Star Wars Rebels already announced


Need any more proof that toy sales drive kids television? We have only seen one image of the main villain from Star Wars Rebels but it is already confirmed the Inquisitor will be an action figure in 2014. Take the jump for the images.


star-wars-rebels-inquisitor1 star-wars-rebels-inquisitor2


The Inquisitor figure will stand at 3.75 inches and will be released in the fall of 2014 as apart of a larger Star Wars Rebels toy line.

The character design for Inquisitor certainly looks like he would have fit in perfectly in The Clone Wars, the only problem I have with him is that weird circle encasing around the lightsaber hilt which would cut down on the range of motion possible with the weapon. I’m hoping that the double-sided blade can be separated into two separate weapons.

What are your thoughts about the company already announcing figures before fans even know who characters are, or have even seen an episode? Sound off in the comments below!

via ComicBookResources